Coronavirus or “Con-Us Virus”? – Facts4EU.Org was the first to question the hysteria

A summary of Brexit Facts4EU.Org’s Coronavirus articles from 04 March 2020

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At the beginning of March 2020, Brexit Facts4EU.Org started to question the growing hysteria about COVID-19. Our stance was sceptical and the facts we provided were deeply worrying, although we supported proportionate actions such as social distancing. In short, we were lockdown sceptics before any specialist COVID-19 sites and when the mainstream media were embarking on a full ‘panic-the-public’ mode.

Today you can read damning reports in the mainstream media about the effects of lockdown and the appalling decisions that have been taken. Public Health England even admitted on 12 August 2020 (though not in so many words and with no apology) that it has very significantly overstated the number of daily deaths ‘with Coronavirus’.

Our question is simple: Where were the mainstream media when we published – and lost readers and regular donations as a result? Indeed, where were the alternative media?

From the beginning, the Brexit Facts4EU.Org team were right here.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Below is the list of our early Coronavirus articles:

04 Mar 2020: Coronavirus or “Con-Us Virus”? A troubling special report from Brexit Facts4EU
Will Coronavirus be used by the Establishment to try to block Brexit again?

15 Mar 2020: How the EU has been unmasked and emasculated by COVID-19
European nation states re-emerge as EU laws are tossed aside

18 Mar 2020: Will Coronavirus be used to kill Brexit?
Remainer establishment pushes to stop Brexit due to COVID-19

21 Mar 2020: Pandemic, or plain panic?
Coronavirus deaths are still at tiny, tiny levels

22 Mar 2020: Boris warns of Italy-style Corona crisis in 2-3 weeks – what is that?
We bring readers the latest official information from Rome

24 Mar 2020: “You vill obey us” - EU insists on approving Rishi Sunak’s Coronavirus aid
The EU Commission emphasises it is still in charge of the UK

29 Mar 2020: This time last year, 1.3 million people had died in the EU – without Coronavirus
This time this year, total deaths “with” Coronavirus in the EU are 19,943

31 Mar 2020: So far deaths per week have not risen due to Coronavirus
What on earth is going on?

04 Apr 2020: Biggest killers in the country – Coronavirus doesn’t even make it into the Top 10
Evidence mounts of Establishment response to “pandemic”, which could stop Brexit

05 Apr 2020: Summary of our first 10 Coronavirus articles

07 Apr 2020: If the EU survives this, it’s going to be much smaller
Revealed : The ticking time-bomb of an economically (and morally) bankrupt EU

09 Apr 2020: EU enters intensive care, and even forgets who its member countries are
Extraordinary and desperate moves reveal extent of panic in Brussels

12 Apr 2020: How many people die of the ’flu each year?
How does this compare with the Coronavirus?

13 Apr 2020: “Are the deaths in rest homes etc. not counted in official statistics in the UK?”
“Surely that cannot be correct - deaths in the homes must have a death certificate”

15 Apr 2020: Total deaths to this point in 2015 were higher than ONS’s latest 2020 figures
Deaths will rise faster, but 2020 numbers are still lower than five years ago

23 Apr 2020: No, deaths are not "at 20-year high" - nor even at 5-year high, pro-rata
Brexit Facts4EU.Org continues to believe that facts and figures matter in any intelligent debate

29 Apr 2020: “The top 10 killers in the UK”
Comparison of usual causes of death - and the Coronavirus

11 May 2020: The moment Boris showed he hasn't yet recovered
“Half a million deaths” - Seriously, Prime Minister?

13 May 2020: “The Prime Minister’s Covid-19 Dunkirk?”
Opinion piece by former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib for Brexit Facts4EU

24 May 2020: “Ahem. British people? The bank manager would like you to come and see him”
“It’s about your new and astonishingly-high spending levels”

13 Aug 2020: In the latest week, 5 times more people died of ‘flu & pneumonia than died “with Coronavirus”
In the previous 100 years we didn’t ruin our country with a lockdown because of the ‘flu

27 Aug 2020: You are now 67 times more likely to die from something other than COVID
You are 7 times more likely to die of flu or pneumonia than ‘with’ COVID - and it's August

16 Sept 2020: OFFICIAL: You are now 100 TIMES more likely to die of non-COVID causes
What about cancer & heart patients? It’s time for a “Rule of the Sick”, not a “Rule of Six”

29 Sept 2020: One disease kills over half a million in the EU each year – and it’s not COVID
Heart disease kills almost three times as many EU & UK citizens as COVID

12 Oct 2020: Facts versus fiction – Boris Johnson please read before you speak today
Remember the “50,000 cases a day if we don’t lock down again” chart? How’s that going?

Of course we researched and published even more than this

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