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The "Go WTO" Campaign

Major Public Campaign will Inform and Promote
Clean WTO Exit from the EU

Political support secured and growing - #GoWTO


Brexit Facts4EU.Org is pleased to announce that the ‘Go WTO’ campaign is now underway.

If you're looking for the main leaflet / flyer to send to your MP, you can find it here!.

If you're looking for the main information about the public campaign, you can find it here.

Welcome to the new WTO section of our site, designed to help explain in simple terms the “Go WTO” solution to exiting the EU on 29 March.

It contains a lot of surprising facts and we hope you find it useful. This section of the site will be updated with new information each day, so keep coming back!

Latest groups supporting the Go WTO campaign

Here is the updated list of pro-Brexit organisations now backing the biggest Brexit campaign on the internet!

Brexit Group logos

Logos are the copyright of each organisation.

The campaign is directed at MPs, the media, and the general public. It includes a significant paid social media campaign, plus a summary one-pager which explains the simple exit from the EU on WTO terms. There are also back-up articles with summary facts which you will see in the menu to your right (or by following the red link above is you're using a mobile). These pages will grow each day.

As ever, all facts are backed by research from official sources - from the EU Commission as well as from the UK Government and the WTO.

We are looking forward to hearing from more MPs who have received our one-page flyer already. Please let us know if you can back this campaign, and then our PR agency will try to get you on TV this week.

You can contact us in confidence using our contact form.

See more information about the public campaign on the next three pages starting here.

Last update: 14 Jan 2019

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