Leaving the EU : the simple WTO solution

The WTO represents 98% of world trade

The EU will not agree a trade deal until we’ve left, so the WTO exit was always the default position. Delivering Brexit means leaving the EU and trading like the rest of the World.

A simple departure on 29 March 2019 with some sensible side agreements.

Immediate Benefits:


  • Instantly a great sovereign nation again - World’s 5th largest economy
  • Control of borders – no more freedom of movement into UK, wages will rise
  • Laws made in Parliament again, by elected MPs, in British interests – not imposed


  • No more multi-billion annual payments to subsidise EU countries
  • No £40bn+ divorce payment – Money saved can be spent in the UK
  • Food and clothing imports without punitive EU tariffs – everyday costs will be slashed
  • VAT cut on many products, putting pounds in people’s pockets, boosting the economy

And more

  • Able to trade freely and fairly with the fastest-growing countries around the world
  • Northern Ireland – No hard border is needed and none of the parties want one
  • Our farms and waters will be under UK control again, our fishing fleet can rebuild
  • Our UK armed forces will be free of EU command structures and directed by UK needs

All this can happen from 29 March 2019

The EU and the UK governments have had 2½ years and we’ve ended up with a bureaucrats’ deal which gives control and more money to the EU, and which could keep us locked in its power forever. None of the freedoms above would be delivered on 29th March. In fact it’s doubtful that they would ever be delivered at all.

With a clean WTO exit we can just leave. And start reaping the rewards of Brexit.

Will it be bumpy at first? Possibly. Will it be worth it? Definitely. The EU ideologues will try to make it difficult, but businesses always find a way through. As the Head of Customs at Rotterdam, largest port in the EU, said : “Our job is to make sure things don’t seize up and we are pretty good at it.” They’ve already invested millions for a WTO Brexit. And they’re in the EU27.

Let’s just go, with WTO

Currently the UK will leave the EU fully on 29th March – without any ‘deal’. That’s the legal position. Let’s all get behind this simple method of exiting the EU and make it great. As the boss of JCB, the UK’s largest manufacturer of construction equipment said: “There is nothing to fear from trading on World Trade Organisation terms.”

Most MPs voted Remain - many want to stop Brexit

The people’s majority voted to leave the EU. We can leave on 29 March. Really leave, not Mrs May’s pretend-leave which is Remain with new chains attached. We simply have to tell MPs to “Go WTO”.

You can download this as a PDF and print it. It has a section for adding your name and address. Please then send it to your MP today. You can find your MP’s name and address simply, using our Brexit Battle Pack.


Above are just three of the MPs who are backing this campaign.

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