About Us

We started detailed research of the EU and Brexit in 2015. We launched the website early in 2016 and have been publishing daily since then. We did NOT stop on 24 June 2016, we just kept on going because we could see what was coming.

We have one overriding aim which drives us - to provide official facts and analysis in a form that busy people can read quickly, with bullet-points and simple charts, for those who have busy lives but who care about their country.

Condensing complex facts into short articles is of course far more difficult and time-consuming than writing lengthy academic articles which no-one outside Westminster reads.

Who we are

We’re ordinary people, mostly but not exclusively in business, previously minding our own business and living our everyday lives. We just felt we had to step up to the plate.

With the media bias and the one-sidedness of the establishment, it became more and more important to us that the Brexit case was presented using official facts – mostly from the EU itself.

We believe people need and deserve to see factual information about what EU membership really means for the UK. Our Brexit Index contains nearly 2,000 articles and is the largest repository of official Brexit facts anywhere in the world.

Our funding

For Remoaners obsessed with conspiracy theories, we should mention that we have funded 90% of the costs ourselves, with the balance coming from small, individual public subscriptions that have helped us to keep going somehow. None of the subscribers have so far have been named Vladimir. Sorry to disappoint Remainers who can't deal with facts and prefer to try to attack us personally, but the money is infinitessimally small compared to the funding of Remain campaigns. We suggest Remainers address the facts rather than imaginary conspiracy theories.

We don’t have expensive London offices, secretaries, expense accounts for taxis and restaurants, etc. We’re party-neutral and none of us are interested in political careers, nor do we seek TV appearances or personal fame.

We desperately need more funds to continue our work and to spread our messages wider. We are currently doing real, pragmatic work with campaigns to ensure a free, independent, and sovereign United Kingdom.

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About you

We have always felt we were speaking for ordinary voters. We therefore think it's much more important to let a random selection of our many thousands of readers and followers speak for us:-

What our readers and followers say about us

“You are fulfilling the most important job which can only be achieved outside of a political framework, free of party pressure and totally reflective of the majority will. You are providing essential factual and moral support!”

Edwina Askew, Surrey

“Keep up this absolutely vital work, no-one else seems to be doing it. We desperately need your facts and evidence to be become more widely known to the general public, at least those of an enquiring mind.”

D Allworthy, Kent

“You are the real voice of Britain.”

Regards, Richard

“The dedication of people like yourselves is an inspiration and you have made it impossible for the establishment to ignore us. I salute you all and will support as much as I can.”

Stephen Lynch, West Midlands

“I think you all do excellent work and put the corrupt, mainstream media to shame. If we ever do manage to leave the EU, your work on Facts4EU will deserve a significant amount of the credit. Thanks.”

James Holmes, Telford

“I firmly believe in what you do and I also think there's a lot of work ahead of us yet. I can't think of a better, or more important, cause to support financially.”

Martyn J Owens , Durham

“WTO backstop is far better than what we have now. Your latest leaflet is brilliant, so I hope it reaches millions.”

John Kapp, Brighton

“Thanks for giving us the opportunity to have our say.”

Frances W, Midlands

“Keep up telling the truth and backing the patriotic people who voted for freedom from the undemocratic cabal that are trying to destroy our country.”

Susan S, Yorkshire

“Critically important to get the facts established and out to the public.”

C. Macdonald, Scotland

“A big thank you for all your hard work. Looking forward to helping you by supporting your WTO campaign. Each day your website is the first one I go to, to read and share your research. All MPs that back May's shameful Withdrawal Agreement is voting against the people and country. We the electorate should ensure that they are removed from office.”

L Martin, Essex

“Generating factual information in a propaganda era is essential.”

Simon Wilson, Middlesex

“I applaud the voters’ choice to leave the EU and want to express my support.”

Lynne Atkinson, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

“Heartfelt thanks to all at Facts4EU for all your hard work throughout the year. Just remember when you're beavering away at some unholy hour of the night that there are lots of readers supporting you all the way. Thank goodness for people like you.”

Elizabeth Ford, Kent

“Excellent work I read your coverage every day, never fails to impress me. If only the likes of the BBC put this out more of the general public would be better informed of the merits of leaving the EEU. Thanks again.”

William G Crook, Lancaster

“You provide real information for real people.”

John, Wales

“Facts4eu.org is doing fantastic work for a secure clean Brexit Exit. Please find the time to support them at the critical time before our Exit from the European union goes live and then the United Kingdom will be free from the European union corruption and bureaucracy.”

Arthur Traveller, West Yorkshire

“We need you more than ever now.”

Christine H, Worcs

“Very useful work which is a great help to those of us fighting to enforce the result of the Referendum.”

Kevin H, Greater London

“I want to help so my Grand and Great Grandchildren are not trapped in the nightmare of the EU.”

T. Weall, Cumbria

“You have been doing GREAT work. Please keep it up and with a great deal of luck we can push this Remainer parliament in the right direction.”

RA McKean, Berks

“Stand up for Freedom and Democracy - restore our innovation and pride - GO WTO !!!”

Robin Taylor, Hants

“I read your updates every day and I am staggered by the information that you have sourced. There is no way I could have the time to research the information you supply. Keep up the good work so we can start taking these Remainer MPs to task with actual facts not their lies.”

Collin Boden, Birmingham

“Please keep going with your excellent work; it is invaluable and very much appreciated by those of us who just want to leave the EU and get our country back.”

Zoe Lake, Lincolnshire

“Great to see you standing up for democracy and giving voters a voice when, again, we are being ignored by our MPs.”

Susan Hawkins, Kent

“Keep up the excellent work - very impressive! Never give up, never surrender!”

Barbara Jell, Somerset

“We need people to counter the constant negative spin on Brexit. The reverse needs to be demanded from the remain camp to give us good reasons to remain, which sadly they seem unwilling or unable to do.”

Brian Evans, Herefordshire

“Keep the pressure on! Thank you.”

Michael A Wood, Ceredigion

“I am a pensioner and have seen what 40 years of corruption by EU officials has done to the demise of the UK economy. We need to leave and leave without a deal.”

Thomas Long, East Dunbartonshire- Scotland

“Thank you so much for all your time and effort in finding these facts and information. I troll the net looking but very rarely find anything much it's almost as if search engines don't want the truth found.”

G Snook, Buckinghamshire

“Keep up the good work, I recommend your site every day.”

Geoffrey Yeo, Cheshire

“Thanks for your continuing sterling fight for democracy and an independent UK.”

From Michael and Ann Donnan, Middlesex

“Good luck to all of you in your endeavours to get the truth out there, and thank you!”

Danita O'Keeffe, Chesire

“If Brexiteers are considered "The Far Right" by the likes of The Guardian should we, "the Silent Democratic Majority", think of the Remainers as "The Far Wrong?". I certainly do.”

F A Williams, Devon

“Keep up the good work! This is crucial to help save our sovereignty and democracy.”

Ian Dobbs, Peterborough

“Since the Govt won’t do it, we need someone to explain the positives of a WTO Brexit.”

Paul Holland, Herts

“I have passed on your website details and articles widely. The most often comment back is “these people are good!” I will second that, when we stick to facts, we can win against the treasonous establishment of government and 'ghost-like' civil servants.”

Anonymous, UK

“I look at your site daily to find information on Brexit to be found nowhere else. Thank you.”

W G C, Lancashire

“You are doing a much needed job. Keep up the good work.”

J M Wheatley, Tyneside

“Well done to you all for fighting for the future of my great and grandchildren.”

Carol Edwards, Hythe Hampshire

“Reading Facts4EU helps to remind me that I'm not the only Leave-voter left in the world. Congratulations on the success of the Brexit Battle Pack!”

Liz F, Kent

“You are doing sterling work against all the odds - congratulations!”

Ann D, Enfield

“Thank you for your efforts to deliver unbiased erudite journalistic truths about the real EU shenanigans!”

Patrick Hurd, London

“Love your site! Keep up the great work you do.”

A Shaw, Durham

c/o 2 Woodland Walk, Ovingdean, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 7AR

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