What we've done

During the Referendum Campaign we produced hard, punchy, leave facts

  • Short, bullet-pointed Pieces, with many 'Exclusives'
  • Well-researched facts from official UK and EU Government sources
  • Clear graphs and images to make information accessible at a glance

Our campaign work was much appreciated by Ministers, Ex-Ministers, MPs, MEPs, Councillors, Legal and Financial Experts, Local Campaigners, and the general public

What we're doing

We've published original researched work on a daily basis for four years and our latest news is here. It's easy to read and it all comes from official sources.

It's often illustrated with simple charts, and it almost always has a bulleted summary, so you don't have to read everything. We've been doing this 365 days per year for nearly five years - the only Brexit organisation to do this.

We hope you find our daily output helpful in countering the continuing stream of Establishment propaganda against Brexit.

How you can help

Unlike many Brexit websites, we write our own content and create our own graphs, by researching deeply into official UK and EU official sources. Unfortunately we barely make it from one week to the next and we rely 100% on voluntary contributions - small or big.

We really could use your help in working to achieve a free, independent, and sovereign United Kingdom.

You can help by donating to us (quick and secure links to do this are under every news article), or by subscribing to our Brexit Index of nearly 2,000 researched articles.