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Results of long-term project by the Facts4EU.Org team reveal:

Facts don't research and write themselves

The latest pieces of work from the Brexit team have been met with a variety of reactions from world leaders, ranging from celebration to incredulity to resignation to abuse.

Alas none of us are hedge fund managers... or married to one. The Team (and one member in particular) has donated as much as it can. Can you please help fund our work?

Unlike many Brexit websites, we write our own content and create our own charts, by researching deeply into official UK and EU official sources. Unfortunately we barely make it from one week to the next and we rely 100% on voluntary contributions - small or big.

We really could use your help in working for a clean and true Brexit.

Please donate to our clean, World Trade Brexit, 'Go WTO' campaign

We're presenting a simple, positive, and factual case for a true Brexit NOW.

Please contribute today. Everything we do costs money and we really need your help right now.

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