Biggest killers in the country – Coronavirus doesn’t make it into the Top 10

Evidence mounts of Establishment response to “pandemic”, which could stop Brexit

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Brexit Facts4EU.Org presents our most damning analysis yet of deeply troubling official data

In a week when yet more manoeuvres were made in clear attempts to postpone and stop Brexit, we are looking at three fundamentals:-

  1. Our lives are being turned upside down by this Coronavirus - Do the facts justify this?
  2. How are the EU and the British Remoaner Establishment using Coronavirus to postpone Brexit indefinitely?
  3. What is being done to fight back?

[Please note our usual “Of course we take deaths seriously” blue box, further down the page.]

1. Deaths from all causes, versus deaths of people who tested positive for Coronavirus

Our research of the cold, hard facts shows that there is currently no justification for the social and economic lives of the public and the nation being turned upside down as a result of the Coronavirus. To date this virus has not come close to registering as a major threat to our normal, collective existence on any level at all.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

In the first three months of this year in England and Wales :-

  • Over 135,000 people died in the first three months of this year – of all causes
  • 1,720 (1.3%) died “with” not “of” Coronavirus in the same time period
  • More people have died of urinary disease than have died with Coronavirus
  • More people have died of hypertension than have died with Coronavirus
  • More people have died of cancer of the oesophagus than have died with Coronavirus

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Of course we take deaths seriously

We must reiterate some basic precepts which are so obvious they should not need repeating. Unfortunately unless we say these each time we produce research such as this, we are accused of callousness and irresponsibility.


  1. Follow Government advice
    Nothing in any of our facts-based reports on the Coronavirus has suggested that anyone should do anything other than follow the latest official advice from the Government and from its medical advisers.
  2. Of course we care
    For an individual to develop any serious illness is of course terrible on a personal level, especially if their immune system is compromised or if they are elderly. The Brexit Facts4EU.Org team have personal experience of these scenarios, as a great many readers do.
  3. The official figures naturally lag behind reality
    Yes, we know. However we've been researching and publishing on this subject for a month now. In this time - and as we have looked at many official data sources - our concerns have grown not diminished.
  4. We are not doctors nor epidemiologists: we publish facts
    We have experience in observing how quangos in the EU and around the world have started to act as if they can define the news agenda, rather than simply providing facts on it. We constantly observe these organisations growing and spreading their influence as much as they can. More funding usually follows.

We therefore feel it is appropriate to provide some facts for our readers so they are as informed as possible.

The information we report comes from official sources, as always

Brexit Facts4EU.Org researched the underlying cause of all deaths in England and Wales in 2018 – the last year for which such information is available. These days in the United Kingdom, the devolved administrations of Scotland and Northern Ireland report separately and it was not possible for us to amalgamate their data.

Despite Nicola Sturgeon’s desperate attempts to politicise and weaponise the Coronavirus in Scotland, the numbers in respect of Coronavirus are very small there, and even smaller in the case of Northern Ireland.

We have therefore used data for England and Wales in respect of all deaths in the first three months of 2018. We then compared this with the deaths of people in England and Wales in the same period this year (2020) who also tested positive for Coronavirus. This gives a very good picture of the UK as a whole.

It must be noted that in its daily figures the Dept of Health does not report on those who died “of” Coronavirus, (where Coronavirus was the underlying cause of death). Instead it reports on those who died and who also tested positive for the virus. In effect this means that the impact of Coronavirus is vastly overstated. We have used these figures nonetheless, even though we believe the picture would be even more stark if the true (and much lower) number of ‘Coronavirus deaths’ were known.

Why do we report on deaths and not ‘cases’?

We do not report on ‘cases’ for a number of reasons. Firstly the tests are still notoriously unreliable. Secondly so few people are being tested as to make these figures meaningless. And thirdly it is impossible to make comparisons with the incidence of cases of all other illnesses.

The only measure which makes any sense is the number of deaths. Even then, this is significantly overstated in respect of Coronavirus because the authorities don’t know how many deaths have taken place where Coronavirus was the cause of death. They merely report the number of deaths where that person tested positive for the virus.


There has been much speculation on social media about the number of Coronavirus deaths compared to the usual numbers of deaths from a variety of causes. Our research is definitive, it uses the best sources of raw data which are available, and we hope this report gives yet another useful perspective for people.

As things stand, our research asks some very serious questions of the health establishment’s and Government’s response to the Coronavirus.

One thing we will predict with certainty is that if it turns out in a few months’ time that the response to Coronavirus has been totally disproportionate to the facts, then not one highly-paid health professional, academic, journalist, government official, or minister will lose their job because of this.

What about Coronavirus blocking Brexit?

We began this article with three fundamental questions.

  1. Our lives are being turned upside down by this Coronavirus - Do the facts justify this?
  2. How are the EU and the British Remoaner Establishment using Coronavirus to postpone Brexit indefinitely?
  3. What is being done to fight back?

We hope we have provided useful information in respect of the first question. Regular readers will know that we have published a great deal of other Coronavirus research in seven preceding reports since early March.

We will return to the second and third questions in a further article.

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[ Sources: Office for National Statistics | Dept of Health & Social Care | Public Health England ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sat 04 Apr 2020

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