The Brexit Coronavirus Chronicles

This is now going mainstream

A Brexit Facts4EU.Org Sunday Summary and Editorial

Readers are now starting to see the occasional article in the mainstream media questioning the reactions of governments to the Coronavirus.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org was the first serious Brexit organisation to raise this subject, one month ago. Indeed it was almost impossible back then to find any news organisation which published anything questioning the validity of the scientific and medical forecasts, and the government policies and reactions which resulted.

Since then we have researched and published many articles, each time attracting more criticism from some people – even including people in Brexit organisations.

We remain focused on Brexit

Indeed one of our primary concerns about the Coronavirus response is the clear and present danger it presents to the delivery of a full Brexit on 31 December 2020. We will be reporting on the moves to delay or block Brexit, as a result of the Coronavirus, in an article next week.

Here is the list of our 10 Coronavirus articles to date:

05 Mar 2020: Coronavirus or “Con-Us Virus”? A troubling special report from Brexit Facts4EU
Will Coronavirus be used by the Establishment to try to block Brexit again?

15 Mar 2020: How the EU has been unmasked and emasculated by COVID-19
European nation states re-emerge as EU laws are tossed aside

18 Mar 2020: Will Coronavirus be used to kill Brexit?
Remainer establishment pushes to stop Brexit due to COVID-19

21 Mar 2020: Pandemic, or plain panic?
Coronavirus deaths are still at tiny, tiny levels

22 Mar 2020: Boris warns of Italy-style Corona crisis in 2-3 weeks – what is that?
We bring readers the latest official information from Rome

24 Mar 2020: “You vill obey us” - EU insists on approving Rishi Sunak’s Coronavirus aid
The EU Commission emphasises it is still in charge of the UK

29 Mar 2020: This time last year, 1.3 million people had died in the EU – without Coronavirus
This time this year, total deaths “with” Coronavirus in the EU are 19,943

31 Mar 2020: So far deaths per week have not risen due to Coronavirus
What on earth is going on?

04 Apr 2020: Biggest killers in the country – Coronavirus doesn’t even make it into the Top 10
Evidence mounts of Establishment response to “pandemic”, which could stop Brexit

05 Apr 2020: Our 10th Coronavirus article – this summary

UPDATE 13 APRIL 2020: “Are the deaths in rest homes etc. not counted in official statistics in the UK?”
“Surely that cannot be correct -- deaths in the homes must have a death certificate”

Of course we researched and published even more than this

In the last month we have also researched and published many articles on other aspects of Brexit, completely unrelated to the Coronavirus. Readers can always access the last few weeks of our work using the main news summary page.

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We haven’t yet taken back control

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Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Editorial, Sun 05 Apr 2020

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