You are now 67 times more likely to die from something other than COVID

You are 7 times more likely to die of flu or pneumonia than ‘with’ COVID - and it's August

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The UK never shut down and hid from flu and other diseases – this nonsense must stop now

A Brexit Facts4EU.Org Coronavirus update and editorial

Supposedly democratic governments around the world have imposed authoritarian regimes on their own people, denying their human rights and their civil liberties. (The situation in Australia and New Zealand is shocking beyond belief.) This has all been done in the name of a virus which has turned out to be similar to an outbreak – albeit a serious one - of the flu.

All of this has been done using the same kind of Project Fear which was used against the British people before the UK’s EU Referendum.

It’s time for the British people to stand up and say “Enough”. If we don’t, we may find it very hard to regain our traditional liberties and to see the restoration of democracy in our country and in other countries around the world.

The cold, hard COVID facts

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Latest figures from the Office for National Statistics, w/e 14 Aug 2020, England & Wales

  • In the last week you were 67 times more likely to die from something other than COVID
  • You were even 7 times more likely to die of flu or pneumonia than ‘with’ COVID - in August
  • Only 139 deaths ‘with COVID’ were recorded in the last week, compared to 9,392 deaths from all causes
  • Deaths ‘with COVID’ represented less than 1.5% of all deaths in the last reported week

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The ONS figures for deaths ‘with COVID’ have been overstated by the authorities, as we reported two weeks ago and as the Government now admits. Even without adjusting for these errors by the health establishment, the so-called pandemic is now effectively over in the UK, as can be seen from the chart below.

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As the first major alternative news outlet to express scepticism about the disproportionate reaction to the Coronavirus, (starting 04 Mar 2020), we must now say:

“Enough is enough”

It’s time to resume normality and do away with the mass hysteria and rolling doom from the BBC, Sky News and ITN.

Case numbers are almost irrelevant given that testing has increased dramatically, together with the fact that most people are asymptomatic or only mildly inconvenienced even if they have the virus. The ‘R’ number is at best a guess by the ‘experts’.

It is hospitalisations and deaths which should determine policy, and these are now so small as to be insignificant from a policy-making perspective.

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The supposed ‘science’ which has led to the extreme Coronavirus measures has bordered on the ridiculous. There have been continuous revisions, corrections, and about-turns, from the now-discredited ‘half-a-million deaths’ mathematical modelling of Professor Ferguson and friends which started the lockdown, to the efficacy of wearing face masks (for which there is no compelling evidence), to the grossly exaggerated morbidity rate for the virus. Few of these were reported properly, objectively, and critically in the mainstream media. Almost every facet of the measurable aspects of this virus has been changed as the weeks have gone by.

Our charts above clearly show that there has been a severe overreaction to this new virus strain. This overreaction is somehow persisting in ever-changing Government policies. Yesterday the Government announced that schoolchildren will have to wear face masks in communal areas of a school, but not in the classroom. What kind of insanity is this?

The examples of crass stupidity and illogicality in dealing with Coronavirus are so prevalent it is not worth listing them all. All anyone – including Boris Johnson – has to do is look at our charts, which use the official figures from the ONS. Who in their right mind would insist on the continued destruction of our economy and our civil liberties, based on such fundamental evidence to the contrary?

The country now has to try to recover from this fiasco – something that will take decades. Even more importantly it is essential that GPs go back to their surgeries and that our empty hospitals now fill up with the massive backlog of patients who need urgent assessment and treatment for other life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, and many other serious conditions.

The latest report for the Government showed that the reaction to the Coronavirus will cause more deaths than the virus itself. It gives us no pleasure to say that we warned about this months ago.

Deaths ‘with COVID’ are now falling close to 1% of deaths from all causes
Why are we still devastating our economy, our society, and our values, and risking the lives of far greater numbers of people with other serious conditions?

Some readers will be unhappy with this article but we felt compelled to publish it. Facts are facts.

Our summary of all COVID-19 articles is here.

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P.S. Two of our team are in the very high risk category, with pre-existing health conditions meaning that COVID could be deadly for them. They felt strongly that this article should be published.

[ Sources: Office for National Statistics ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Thur 27 Aug 2020

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