“Ahem. British people? The bank manager would like you to come and see him”

“It’s about your new and astonishingly-high spending levels”

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We present just one horrifying snapshot of what the Coronavirus panic is doing to the UK

Please hold on to your toast and marmalade this Sunday morning. (Or your latte and croissant if you're from the North London Islington "elite".)

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You don’t need to be an economist to see when you’re borrowing way beyond your means

Last month, April 2020, the Government’s borrowing soared to £62.1bn in that one month alone. This was the “public sector net borrowing, excluding public sector banks”.

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In the last month we borrowed as much as we did in the whole of the last twelve months put together.

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Nothing like this has ever happened before in peacetime. It is unsustainable. The debt we will be leaving to our children and grandchildren is simply appalling.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org was one of the very first publications to sound warning bells about the reaction to the Coronavirus. We did so before any such articles appeared in the newspapers, and before the lockdown even started. We first wrote on this subject over two and a half months ago back on 05 March.

We lost donors (something we can’t afford to do) so these days we stick to writing about Brexit and the EU – our specialist subjects. We did feel, however, that we should show readers one simple and very stark chart this morning.

We should all have been looking forward to the new economic opportunities afforded to the country by a full Brexit at the end of this year. Instead all we can say is that it is more essential than ever that the UK should be free to take whatever actions it deems necessary to recover economically in a post-Coronavirus world, unencumbered by EU rules and regulations.

Major interview held over

This morning we had hoped to bring readers the interview we conducted with David Campbell Bannerman, former long-standing MEP and former member of the EU Parliament’s International Trade Committee. In it, Mr Campbell Bannerman gives his forceful views on the EU and the current state of the trade talks – from the perspective of someone who has been on the inside.

This interview follows on directly from the major report we published yesterday, which has been extremely popular on social media.

The Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP tweeting our work yesterday

Unfortunately we lacked sufficient resources to publish the interview with David Campbell Bannerman this morning. If you enjoy our output and have not yet made a contribution to keeping us going, may we ask you to consider making a donation today? It’s quick and secure and you will receive a lovely, personal email from a member of our team, thanking you.

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We can’t defend freedom of speech and stand up for a fully-free and independent United Kingdom without your help! Thank you so much and we wish all readers a safe and relaxing Sunday.

[ Sources: Office for National Statistics | Twitter feed: Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sun 24 May 2020

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