“Take me out, or lose me forever”

What we can all do about our Remainer Parliament

We’re just not going to take this any more – Final part in our ‘Brexit Fightback’ series

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Democracy is how MPs got their jobs – they must respect it or be removed.

This is the final part in our series looking at our Remain-dominated Parliament. This article gives you all you need in order to do something about the dire situation in the House of Commons.

The story so far

  • Intro - The Brexit Fightback
  • Part 1 - We showed how 290 Remain MPs represent Leave constituencies. We also showed that 415 out of 650 constituencies voted Leave in the EU Referendum.
  • Part 2 - The Brexit Facts4EU.Org “Rogue’s Gallery” – our list of 30 prominent MPs in Leave seats who failed to back a clean Brexit.
  • Part 3 - We showed that 87% of MPs cannot be called reliable when it comes to Brexit. 553 MPs have failed to support a real Brexit in key votes. Only 85 MPs could be classified by us as ‘trustworthy’.
  • Part 4 - What is needed now (this article)

As the old saying goes: “Don’t get mad, get even.” So how do we do that?

Brexit can’t wait for a General Election. There are now 149 days until Mrs May’s second Article 50 extension period runs out, on 31 October 2019. This represents a significant amount of time for Remain MPs to delay, thwart, or cancel Brexit entirely.

If we are to leave the EU on 31 October, we must act now
And we do mean act, not email or post on Twitter or Facebook

Very, very few MPs leave Parliament voluntarily, except when they decide to retire. The vast majority want to be re-elected at the next General Election. As we don’t have time to wait for that, we must tell them now that they will be voted out.

Opinion polls can be useful in this, but they’re not enough. In the three national polls since the EU elections, Labour topped one, the LibDems topped one, and the Brexit Party topped one. Since the beginning of April, Labour have topped the vast majority of opinion polls.

Let’s grab them by their ballot boxes!

The way to an MP’s heart is via their ballot box. Grab them by that, and their hearts and minds have a very good chance of following.

Last summer we wrote a comprehensive guide which we called “The Brexit Battle Pack” (see below for links). It contains all the tools needed to influence MPs, their constituency officers, and the media. It was endorsed by a total of 13 pro-Brexit organisations. Many readers have used it and we’ve received a large number of messages from people, telling us how useful it has been.

Today we have thousands more readers than a year ago, and so we are re-launching the Pack, with one simple message.

“Take me out, or lose me forever”

Below is our simple letter to send to MPs. Imagine if thousands of these letters arrived in MPs’ offices over the coming two weeks? They can ignore emails, Twitter messages, Facebook posts, and petitions, but they can’t ignore the physical impact of thousands of letters.

© Brexit Facts4EU.Org - click to download - free to use for all individuals. Brexit organisations please contact us and approval will normally be given.

We urge all readers to print this out, fill in the details and sign it, and send it to their MP today. Readers could also put this through their neighbours’ letterboxes, for them to send.

We are now entering the final Battle for Brexit

Quite simply, there is nothing you can do which is more important than threatening the livelihood of your MP. This is the only thing which might influence some of these anti-democratic and arrogant MPs, and convince them of the strength of feeling around the country.

Letters, surgery visits, calls, and (only in the last resort) emails

  1. Send a simple letter to your MP (see above) – bulging mailbags with thousands of letters are impossible to ignore
  2. Find out if your MP is holding a surgery this weekend – if so, go
  3. Visit your MP’s constituency office, or at the very least call them
  4. Only when you have done some of the above should you send your MP an email

You can find your MP's contact details here.

Once again we must stress that sending an email to your MP is of limited value. They already receive thousands and it’s mostly their assistants who deal with them. Thousands of letters are much more difficult to overlook.

Finally, here is a summary of the Brexit Battle Pack

It was written last summer but it still applies today.

The Brexit Battle Pack consists of:

  1. First Principles - Who We Need To Persuade
  2. How to get your message across - Communication Ground Rules
  3. Primary Targets Group 1 - MPs
  4. Primary Targets Group 2 - The Media
  5. Democracy - It's A Numbers Game
  6. Toolbox - 1st Compartment - Tools For Contacting MPs
  7. Toolbox - 2nd Compartment - Tools For Contacting The Media


Today we will be re-contacting all pro-Brexit groups with whom we cooperate, seeking their help in getting this initiative out there.

That said, all of our work will be in vain unless ordinary people make the effort. It doesn’t matter if your MP is a raving Remoaner or a rock-solid Brexiteer. Let’s let them all know the strength of feeling in the country! (And the pro-Brexit MPs will appreciate that something is being done about their Remain colleagues and that their own stance is appreciated.)

Please help if you can. If you have suggestions we are always open, but we must just say that the Brexit Party has been very successful in securing around £2 million in donations in the last couple of months, which has meant that our own donations have fallen to a fraction of their already modest level.

We are therefore running on a skeleton crew right now. If you can help with a donation, quick and secure ways of doing this are below. Thank you.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 05 June 2019

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