290 Remain MPs represent Leave constituencies

Remain MPs, it’s time that you woke up to democracy

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We’re just not going to take this any more – The Brexit Fightback Part 1

MPs, democracy is how you got your jobs - respect it or be removed

The simple fact is that 415 Parliamentary constituencies voted to leave the EU in June 2016. That’s 415 MPs. 290 of these MPs do not back Brexit.

Brexit Facts4EU.org Summary

Here is the reality

  • Parliament delegated the decision to the British people in the European Union Referendum Act 2015
  • The people were told: “This is your decision. The Government will implement what you decide”
  • We were also told: “The EU referendum is a once in a generation decision”
  • And the Prime Minister told us that Article 50 would be invoked the next day if we voted Leave

All of the above – and much more besides – was official information.

It was clear that the decision was a binary choice


In the largest numbers for any vote in British history we voted to Leave.

MPs, we didn’t ask you to decide how to leave the EU, or whether only to leave part of it, we just gave an instruction to leave it. And that means leave it, not pretend to leave it – the people aren’t stupid.

Brexit Facts4EU.org Summary

Here are the cold, hard facts for MPs who just won’t listen
In the 2016 EU Referendum :-

  • 247 constituencies of Conservative MPs voted Leave
  • 148 constituencies of Labour MPs voted Leave
  • Including all parties, that’s a total of 415 seats where the people told Parliament to leave the EU
  • And yet we still have a Remainer Parliament

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Note: Based on the General Election results a year earlier in 2015.

If MPs just won’t listen – and it seems they won’t – then we must wake them up to their fate.

The Brexit Fightback – an essential series of articles


  1. The Brexit Fightback - Intro
  2. Part 1 - The Brexit Fightback starts – this article
  3. Part 2 - The Brexit Fightback - We highlight some well-known MPs who have not backed a clean Brexit despite representing Leave constituencies. This is our “Rogue’s Gallery.”
  4. Part 3 - The Brexit Fightback - We list ALL MPs who have failed to back a clean Brexit.
  5. Part 4 - The Brexit Fightback - We provide readers with all the tools they need to tell all anti-democratic MPs to respect the result of the Referendum.


We feel it’s time to take the gloves off.

When we have a party that purports to be a serious political party in the United Kingdom, using the slogan “B*ll**ks to Brexit” (our censorship) as its campaign slogan in the EU elections, why should we hold back? At least we don’t use bad language.

Ever since the Referendum we have warned about the outcome of Brexit. When we criticised the PM (and the Chancellor) in the early days we were criticised by some readers who felt we were being harsh.

When we said that the EU would never do a sensible deal with the UK, our position was not popular.

We kept our language moderate and we still will, but now it’s time to be unequivocal. Being polite has got Brexiteers nowhere, whilst Remainers have heaped abuse on our heads.

Only two days ago Michel Barnier said:

“The hope for a return to a powerful global Britain, nostalgia for the past — nostalgia serves no purpose in politics.

“In my country, too, some politicians still prefer to live in the past. But there were also people voting for Brexit who simply don’t want to accept rules.”

Well, Mr Barnier, when it comes to living in the past we feel you should look to the EU’s own outdated totalitarian model, in an enterprising world which is moving fast. We want to be part of the fast-moving world out there, not caught up in the turgid establishment of an uncompetitive superstate.

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NEXT - The Brexit Fightback Part 2 – The most well-known MPs who could lose their jobs

[Sources : UK Government for election leaflet and ballot paper | Professor Hanretty of Royal Holloway – analysis of Referendum results by constituency | New York Review of Books (Barnier interview) ]

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sun 02 June 2019

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