Brexit "Brexit Battle Pack" - Part 1: First Principles


PLEASE NOTE: This action pack was written in 2018 but the same principles apply today. To see the latest factsheets which you may wish to incorporate, please click here.

Let’s begin with a question. How do we best influence the people who matter, to deliver a full, clean Brexit? The big problem is not just that we have a Remainer PM and a Remainer cabinet. In this first part of the series we look at some fundamentals of why Brexit is in this mess, over two years after the EU Referendum. This leads to some basic principles.

Principle One

The big problem for Brexit is that the entire Establishment is still pro-Remain. They just can’t accept the result of the Referendum, which didn’t go the way it was supposed to. We therefore conclude that there are two main groups to target:-

Key Target Groups

  • Members of Parliament
  • The media

These two groups have the most influence on whether we achieve the full, normal, clean Brexit people expected when they voted. There are of course sub-sets of these groups, but we’ll get to that. Fundamentally we need MPs not to block Brexit and yet most of them seem happy to do this right now. We also need to curb the excessive anti-Brexit bias of the majority of those who work in the media.

Isn’t this obvious?

Before readers think all this is obvious, our Brexit Battle Pack includes a number of targets, not just MPs and journalists. However all these subsidiary targets in one way or the other have an impact on the key influencers. We would also add that if some of what you are going to read in the coming articles is obvious, how is it that it has never before been expressed in a practical and usable way? Please bear with us while we go through the details in the following parts of this series.

Principle Two

The second major principle is that we must focus on what will stop these two groups (MPs and the media) from standing in the way of Brexit. Please note that we propose that your ambitions should not be to change their opinions. Most of these people are too heavily invested in their thinking to be able to change their opinions now, whilst still keeping some form of credibility.

We need to apply the type of pressure that will make them re-think their outright opposition to Brexit. Remember the expression "follow the money"? What will make these people soften their opposition in order to keep their jobs? Finally we must ignore those who are beyond all reasoning. In other words forget people like Anna Soubry and her ilk. They’re extremists and we can’t afford to waste time on them.

Principle Three

The Brexit Battle Pack must be practical and usable by as many ordinary people as possible. It must focus on delivering the result of the Referendum. It must have elements which will appeal to different people.

We have tried to include a variety of actions which readers might feel like taking up. The majority do not involve leaving the comfort of your home!

Before you read on

This pack of actions does mean you actually have to do something. There is no "click here to make Brexit happen"! All we can say is that previous generations had to make very major sacrifices for freedom. In comparison, our suggestions are easy.

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