Official: UK’s growth rate fell after joining the EU's ‘Single Market’

Facts4EU.Org publishes the evidence that membership of EU’s Single Market provided no benefit to the UK

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“The EU single market did damage to UK business,” says the Rt Hon Sir John Redwood MP

30th anniversary of the EU's Single Market - Special Edition

A Facts4EU.Org and CIBUK.Org three-part special report
on the state of business in the EU’s empire

  1. Part OneIt's much easier to do business in the UK than in the EU, says World Bank report
  2. Part TwoOfficial: UK’s growth rate fell after the EU adopted its ‘Single Market’ [TODAY]
  3. Part Three‘UK benefited least from our greatest achievement,’ says EU in last Single Market report before Brexit

In this three-part landmark report, we provide the official facts
showing why the UK should never even think of rejoining the EU

Yesterday, Facts4EU.Org and CIBUK.Org’s report 'It’s far easier to do business in the UK than in the EU', says World Bank report once again ‘triggered’ those who are still fighting for the United Kingdom to rejoin the European Union. Our research yesterday showed that the UK easily outranks the EU27 when it comes to doing business – and that is according to the World Bank.

It seems that the more incontrovertible the evidence we provide that they were wrong, the louder the howls of outrage coming from Rejoiner-Remainers.

Given this, our new report today is equally unlikely to go down well amongst the devotees of “The European Movement”, chaired until two weeks ago by arch Remainer-Rejoiner Baron Andrew Adonis (see Observations below). We advise them to look away now.

In 25 years of the EU Single Market the UK’s growth rate fell

This week the EU is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Single Market. The EU claims this project as its ‘greatest achievement’ so Facts4EU.Org decided to look at its effect on the United Kingdom’s growth rate.

The premise was simple. 25 years is a sufficiently long period over which to gauge the beneficial effects of so momentous an ‘achievement’. We therefore analysed the UK’s average growth rate in the 25 years before, and the 25 years after, the advent of the Single Market.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Membership of the EU Single Market did not increase UK growth

  • ‘Before’ - 1968-1992 : average 2.4% annual growth rate
  • ‘After’ – 1993-2017 : average 2.2% annual growth rate
  • In the 25 years after the Single Market started, the UK’s average annual growth rate didn’t rise, it fell

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[Source: Office for National Statistics]

The Rt Hon Sir John Redwood MP was Lady Thatcher's Single Market Minister - here are his comments on our report

"The EU single market did damage to UK business. In the first 10 years our car output halved as EU imports took over. We lost most of our steel industry to EU and then Chinese competition.

"The Common Agricultural Policy forced cuts in milk production, blocked beef exports, paid farmers to rip out orchards and led to big reductions in home production of vegetables and flowers.The Common Fishing Policy led to most of our fish going to foreign vessels.

"It is time we encouraged much more home production. The EU trade Remain goes on about is many more imports than exports."

- The Rt Hon Sir John Redwood MP, 06 Jan 2023


Andrew Adonis and his ‘European Movement’

Until two weeks ago Andrew Adonis was Chairman of the ‘European Movement’ – a lobbying group which has been assembling a membership of pro-EU people and those who favour the UK rejoining the EU. This British movement has been part-funded by George Soros, the foreign billionaire. Adonis’s own political allegiances have varied between the SDP, LibDem, and Labour parties.

He was previously a writer and local councillor, before becoming an advisor to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s governments. In 2005 Mr Blair made Andrew Adonis a Life Peer and he was then given ministerial positions before subsequently being appointed to the Cabinet. As Transport Secretary it is said that he was the pioneer of the HS2 project.

© Parliament

Baron Adonis has never been elected as an MP, nor as an MEP, although he has been selected as a candidate on more than one occasion before later dropping out. When he stood as a Labour MEP candidate in the 2019 European elections, he not only failed to get elected but Labour’s share of the vote in his constituency fell to just 6.5%.

Despite his record, Baron Adonis became a Director of ‘The People’s Vote’ – a pro-EU campaign group. The ‘people’ had of course already had a vote, which is more commonly known as the EU Referendum. In the largest electoral mandate in British history, the people voted to leave the European Union. Nevertheless Lord Adonis and his colleagues campaigned to overturn this - and are still doing so.

Freedom of speech – even for those with whom we disagree

The Facts4EU.Org team believes passionately in freedom of speech. We extend this to all those who argue from a different point of view to us.

Unlike Lord Adonis of Camden Town, however, we have no interest in public office. We are content to research and publish official facts to inform the debate. We tend to think that basic facts are important. After all, if opinions are not based in reality then what value do those opinions have?

Today’s Facts4EU.Org makes damning reading – tomorrow’s will rub salt into the wound for Rejoiners

Our report today is damning enough when it comes to the claim that the United Kingdom had to be a member of the Single Market in order to survive.

Our report tomorrow will produce even more misery for those who simply cannot seem to accept the result of a democratic decision by the British people to regain their sovereignty and prosper outside the confines of the EU Empire.

We think readers will find the facts in tomorrow’s report astonishing. Don’t miss it!

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[ Sources: Office for National Statistics ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Fri 06 Jan 2023

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