‘UK benefited least from our greatest achievement,’
says EU in last Single Market report before Brexit

Official ‘Single Market Scoreboard 2020’ ranks UK bottom, at No.28 out of 28 EU countries

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With the 2nd highest net contributions, the UK got the least benefit from the EU’s pride and joy

30th anniversary of the EU's Single Market - Special Edition

A Facts4EU.Org and CIBUK.Org three-part special report
on the state of business in the EU’s empire

  1. Part OneIt's much easier to do business in the UK than in the EU, says World Bank report
  2. Part TwoOfficial: UK’s growth rate fell after the EU adopted its ‘Single Market’
  3. Part Three – ‘UK benefited least from our greatest achievement,’ says EU in last Single Market report before Brexit

In this three-part landmark report, we provide the official facts
showing why the UK should never even think of rejoining the EU

All readers will remember how the EU’s Single Market was held up by the state-sponsored Remain Establishment as the jewel amongst the reasons why it was essential for the United Kingdom to remain a member of the European Union. The Rejoin campaign continues this false mantra to this day.

Prime Minister David Cameron, Chancellor George Osborne, and all of “the Great and the Good” didn’t stop talking about it. Without being a member of the Single Market, the public was told, the UK was more or less finished. Between 500,000-820,000 people would lose their jobs almost immediately, the UK economy would fall off a cliff, house prices would plummet, and the defence of the Realm would be in peril.

So, how did the UK actually do out of the EU’s Single Market, according to the EU itself?

Brexit Facts4EU.Org reviewed the last official EU ‘Single Market Scoreboard 2020’ before the United Kingdom finally left on 31 December 2020. Here is the EU’s verdict.

“The UK has the lowest trade integration in the Single Market for goods and the third lowest trade integration for services.”

- Official EU Single Market Scoreboard, 2020 report

The Rt Hon Sir John Redwood MP gave Facts4EU.Org his thoughts on our report

"The more revealing figures show the UK’s growth rate fell after we joined the EEC and fell again once they completed the single market in 1992. That was why some of us campaigned to leave the single market as well as leaving the EU.

The single market was designed against us and promoted continental exports to us to replace our home production."

- The Rt Hon Sir John Redwood MP

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

How the EU's Single Market delivered nothing for the UK's trade in GOODS

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The chart shows the percentage of a country’s GDP represented by trade in goods with other EU countries (average of imports and exports). This is how the EU itself summarises the Single Market and trade.

The EU ranks its Single Market at the top of all its ‘greatest achievements’

It is important to be clear about the EU’s Single Market. It wasn’t a surprise that David Cameron, George Osborne, the BBC, and the rest of the Remain Establishment talked about the Single Market so much. The EU rates it as its ‘greatest achievement’.

As ever, Facts4EU.Org quotes from the EU Commission itself:-


“The Single Market ranks at the top among the greatest accomplishments of European integration. For over 25 years, it has been delivering growth, jobs, legal certainty to business, a wide choice of safe products to consumers and guaranteeing the free movement to EU citizens in the Member States. It is part of our daily life, interweaving the activities of businesses and consumers across borders.”

- EU Commission website

“Ah, but what about services?” cry the Remainer-Rejoiners. “This is the UK's strength!”

Facts4EU.Org also analysed the EU’s figures on the benefits of the Single Market to each country in respect of the service economy.

Firstly, we must once again point out that the Single Market does not work for services – the UK’s strength – by the EU’s own admission.

“The Single Market – this jewel that is all too often taken for granted –
does not function properly for services

- Elżbieta Bieńkowska, EU Commissioner for the Single Market, 2017

That said, the UK got almost as little benefit from its strength in services as in goods

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

How the EU's Single Market delivered nothing for the UK's trade in SERVICES

© Brexit Facts4EU.Org - click to enlarge

The chart shows the percentage of a country’s GDP represented by trade in services (financial and non-financial) with other EU countries (average of imports and exports). This is how the EU itself characterises this.


Year after year Facts4EU.Org has summarised the official annual reports from the EU Commission on the performance of its “greatest achievement” – the Single Market.

Year after year the UK has come bottom – benefiting the least out of all 28 member countries overall.

Above we have summarised the last EU report before the United Kingdom formally left the EU on 31 December 2020. This data is incontrovertible – it comes directly from the EU's very own “Single Market Scoreboard” which is published each year.

Why is Facts4EU.Org publishing this analysis?

Imagine for a moment if the EU's official 'Scoreboard' had shown the United Kingdom at the top, in terms of the benefits it received in trade with the EU's Single Market. The BBC, Financial Times, Guardian, Sky News and ITN would have been all over this. There would have been daily laments about the economic catastrophe of leaving the Single Market.

Instead, all we get are economists projections claiming the UK has suffered since leaving the EU. We have not seen the results of the EU's official Single Market Scoreboard 2020 published anywhere. This is why we researched and published this report. The British public deserve to know these facts, and we very much hope that a national newspaper willl run with this story.

As for the BBC, well we all know the answer to that one...

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[ Sources: EU Commission ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sat 07 Jan 2023

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