“THE EU DEAL UNMASKED: Twelve Reasons Why the UK Will Fail to Get a Canada-Style Deal”

Another devastating indictment of the EU’s negotiating position with the UK is published

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New think tank paper advocates repudiation of Withdrawal Treaty or no deal possible

Boris Johnson’s hope of securing a Canada-style free trade deal with the EU are set to be dashed, according to a detailed analysis of the UK-EU negotiations that are supposed to be completed by Thursday this coming week (15 Oct 2020).

The paper concludes that in a dozen key areas the UK is worryingly on track to strike an agreement with Brussels that falls far short of the CETA deal that the EU reached with Canada just four years ago. (Still not ratified by EU member state governments.)

The major stumbling block is that the UK has already agreed a Withdrawal Agreement and an associated Northern Ireland Protocol with the EU that makes it near impossible for it now to achieve a future relationship on a par with the freedoms and normal trade terms granted in the Canadian deal.

This Withdrawal Agreement and subsequent Treaty must therefore now be nullified.

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The paper outlines the 12 reasons we may never fully take back take back control
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Former Conservative Leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith, and one of the paper’s authors, commented:

“A genuine Canada-style deal for the UK would be a great result. This paper goes through the fine print to demonstrate that we are on the brink of signing up to the kind of deal a colony of the EU would be ashamed of.

Readers can download the full (18 page) paper here and we recommend it, as it expands on the points made in the summary above.


This paper from the CBP is focused on the impossibility of the UK achieving a Canada-style free trade agreement with the EU. After nearly 50 years of membership of the EEC/EU this is the absolute minimum that the UK deserves from the EU.

As readers know, the EU refuses to offer any such deal and the current arrangements will make the UK into a colony of the EU, subject to its ECJ rulings and many other ‘slave state’ conditions, for decades to come. The only reasonable conclusion to draw and action to take is to repudiate the Withdrawal Treaty on the grounds that the EU has never acted in good faith during the past four years.

At Brexit Facts4EU.Org this has always been our position from the moment the first draft of the Withdrawal Agreement (WA) was published by Theresa May’s Government. We slammed it then, and were the first media outlet to do so.

The revision to the Northern Ireland Protocol achieved by Boris Johnson late last year was nowhere near enough to make the WA acceptable to any country professing to want to “take back control” and to be free, sovereign, and independent. In September 2019 we published a warning one-pager for Boris Johnson. On 18 October 2019, the day after publication of his amended WA, we published a simple 10-point one-pager, entitled “Forget politics, is Boris’s new EU treaty Brexit? No, it’s not.

Since the appointment of Lord Frost as the UK’s Chief Negotiator we have welcomed the robustness of the UK Government’s approach to Brussels. Now is the time to repudiate the abomination that is the Withdrawal Treaty.

The EU will clearly not accept that the UK voted to leave the EU in order to become and independent country.

So be it.

We continue to lobby for the following:-

  1. Repudiate the Withdrawal Treaty (including the Northern Ireland Protocol) on the grounds that the EU has acted in bad faith during the entirety of the negotiations, and
  2. Stand firm and refuse to compromise on any trade deal involving a watering down of the UK’s sovereignty and independence of action, and
  3. Start communicating effectively to the British public and to the rest of the world

To all MPs who read our work, as the most prolific researcher and publisher of Brexit facts in the world we stand ready to assist in any way for the achievement of the above objectives.

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[ Sources: The CBP | Previous publications by Brexit Facts4EU.Org ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sun 11 Oct 2020

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