“It’s time to complete the job, Prime Minister”

12 Brexit organisations urge the scrapping of the Withdrawal Treaty


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In a letter to Boris Johnson, Brexit Facts4EU.Org writes for wide Brexit thinking

On Friday, the Prime Minister made a televised statement and No.10 then declared that “the trade talks are over”. Today, Sunday 18 October 2020, Brexit Facts4EU.Org is leading a campaign of 12 Brexit organisations who are urging the Prime Minister to “complete the job”.

The 12 Brexit organisations and 10 influential individuals who have signed the letter to the PM have done so because it is now essential to rescind the Withdrawal Agreement (WA).

The reasons are simple

When the UK exercised its right to leave the European Union, it participated in the WA process on the basis of an essential condition: the EU would act in good faith to agree a future permanent arrangement that enshrines UK sovereignty and secures a Free Trade Agreement.

It is now clear that the EU has breached its obligations repeatedly and consistently.

The representatives of a broad range of Brexit thinking now urge the PM to act

Prime Minister, you have robustly declared that the EU seems uninterested in a normal trade deal. In this event, we urge you to:

  1. Announce that the Withdrawal Agreement and Protocol shall no longer have any legal force, with effect from 1st January 2021.
  2. Implement alternative arrangements for the north-south border on the island of Ireland within the framework of the Good Friday Agreement, from the end of 2020, to ensure there is no need for the British government to impose a hard border.
  3. Cease to make payments to the EU under the WA provisions.
  4. Demand the UK’s proper share of the European Investment Bank.
  5. Unilaterally grant favourable treatment to EU citizens resident in the UK in a manner consistent with the UK’s legal framework

To reiterate:

The United Kingdom Government must now rescind and void the Withdrawal Agreement on the basis of the breach by the European Union. Anything else would be a betrayal of democracy, sovereignty, and international law.

The full text of the letter from all 12 Brexit organisations to the Prime Minister can be found here. (PDF)

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The 12 Brexit organisations who have co-signed our letter today to Boris Johnson represent a wide range of Brexit thinking and a very large number of voters.

This issue is serious. Putting aside the rights and wrongs of whether the UK Government should ever have signed the abominable Withdrawal Agreement, it’s now perfectly clear that the EU have not honoured it. The Government must therefore now rescind and void it forthwith.

In our view, and in the view of the 11 other Brexit groups, as well as the view of the Centre for Brexit Policy (who could not sign as they are “not a campaigning organisation”), it is essential that the WA must be voided before 31 December 2020.

If this does not happen, the United Kingdom will continue to be under the yoke of the EU for decades to come.

Mr Johnson, please act now, and finish the job

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[ Sources: Confidential legal sources | No.10 ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sun 18 Oct 2020

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