VIDEO: The surrender act is unconstitutional, says top QC

Martin Howe QC’s analysis of Parliament’s and the Supreme Court’s “thwart Brexit” moves


© Martin Howe QC / Lawyers for Britain

A devastating summation by a highly-experienced and respected Queen’s Counsel

Firstly, if you want a barnstorming speech you are advised to look elsewhere. Rather this is a calm dissection in the most devastating terms of what is wrong with the Benn Act (‘surrender act’), with Parliament itself, and with the top court in the land. It lasts just 12 minutes and is put across in layman’s terms, easily understood by all.

The calm nature of its delivery masks some extraordinary statements from a QC. Martin Howe is Chairman of Lawyers for Britain and was speaking to the Bruges Group at a fringe meeting of the Conservative Party conference last week. We recommend to readers that they watch it below.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

  • On Parliament: “It is clear that the current Parliament is no longer legitimate”
  • On the Benn Act: “This is a constitutionally illegitimate law”
  • On the Supreme Court: “This is rule by politicised judges which contradicts and undermines the rule of law”

More speeches and additional information

The above video follows on from the two videos of Sir John Redwood and Mark Francois which we published on Friday. We recommend watching these speeches also.

Further reading: In Martin Howe’s speech he recommends a paper written for the Policy Exchange by Professor John Finnis entitled “The unconstitutionality of the Supreme Court’s prorogation judgment”. Readers can find this paper here.


For a top barrister and Head of Chambers to make the statements he does in this speech is almost unprecedented.

In his speech Martin Howe declares the current Parliament to be illegitimate, the Benn Act to be a “constitutionally illegitimate law”, and calls for the Supreme Court in its current form to be abolished. This is heavyweight stuff from a man like him.

Whether Remainer MPs agree with him or not – and of course they will not – we suggest that Mr Howe’s clear and unambiguous statements cannot be ignored.

What a sad indictment of how those who could not respect a democratic decision by the British people have traduced our traditions, our constitutional norms, our laws, and our democracy itself.

It is only by finally enacting the will of the people, and by the UK leaving the EU in 25 days’ time, that we can start the process of slowly rebuilding our great country.

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[ Sources: The Bruges Group | The Great Brexit Debate ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 06 Sep 2019

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