The level of daily abuse thrown at us on social media for reporting facts

For readers who don’t access social media, here is what we get from Rejoiners

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Just some examples of the vitriol, foul language, and ignorance we encounter

We know that many of our readers do not use social media but we have to, in order to correct the imbalance of some in the mainstream media and to highlight official facts from the EU, the UK, and from some international organisations.

Generally we ignore the abuse hurled at us each day by Rejoiners but today we thought readers might want to be aware of the level of this. These people almost never bother to read our reports, they only read our summary posts on ‘X’ (Twitter) and Facebook and don’t click on our links. Presumably this is because the official facts would be uncomfortable for them.

We apologise in advance for some of the foul language below, but we decided not to redact it in order to show readers what we receive.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Just a few examples of the abuse from Rejoiners – from Thursday 09 May 2024

RobertG @1bobuk
“Fucking idiot. As part of the SM thats 10 more countries to sell too. Fuck me how fucking stupid can you be.”

Eton Mess @LordWolfson
“More shit flows out of these propagandists than down an English river”

“’Brexit Facts’ that's an oxymoron to end all oxymorons”

James L @loz_jame
“more nonsense from the brexit loons”

FactlessTreason @crikeyolson
“Are you not embarrassed about publishing such bullshit”

Stockton West Resistance @AndrewCappEsq
“Lies lies and more lies. Stop treating UK citizens like idiots.”

[Source: Facts4EU.Org 'X' (Twitter) account.]

The above is a fair representation of what we receive on social media daily

We are not alone in this. We know pro-Brexit politicians who are on the receiving end of even worse than this.

If we were part of the ‘Woke’ community we would no doubt be feeling ‘triggered’ and retiring to a ‘safe room’ to nurse our hurt feelings. As it is, we prefer to continue publishing official facts and simply ignore the abuse. This is what grown-ups do.


Clearly it would better if Rejoiners addressed the facts rather than deflecting onto unconnected matters or throwing foul-mouthed abuse.

Brexiteers can perhaps be comforted by the fact that abuse is what happens when people simply have no arguments or facts to offer.

Finally - and to lighten the mood - we continue with our Sunday tradition of offering readers a little music which is relevant to our work. In this case we have chosen two incomparable musicians: Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. The song is called "Who walks in when I walk out?" and readers may wish to refer back to our report on Thursday.

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[ Source: Facts4EU X (Twitter) account ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sun 12 May 2024

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