The NHS Part II - Counting the cost of this sickly service

Facts4EU.Org reveals what this lack of care is costing us all

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Latest official data from NHS England presents unacceptable picture for world’s 6th economy

In Part I of this report on the state of the NHS we looked at the appalling service levels, the waiting times, and the problems getting GP appointments. Today we reveal the astronomical sums being spent for this Third World service.

A Brexit Facts4EU.Org Series on the NHS

Part I – 9.5 million people in England are currently waiting on the NHS for treatment
Part II - Where are the hundreds of billions of pounds spent on the NHS going? (This report)

Counting the cost

The sums involved in funding this dysfunctional NHS service are now astronomical. Below we present a summary taken from NHS England’s budget for 2022/3. Note: This does not include Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

NHS England budget, financial year 2022-2023

Commissioning budget : £153 billion, of which :-

  • £107.8 billion : Commissioning local health services
  • £29.8 billion : Directly commissioning services including primary care, specialised services and public health
  • £3.16 billion : ‘Service development and improvement programmes, in line with corporate priorities’
  • £2.3 billion : Elective services recovery fund
  • £6.1 billion : Other system funding
  • TOTAL : 153 billion

[Source: NHS England, Apr 2024.]

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NHS England’s core administration and programme costs

Central admin and programme funding (£3.16 billion), of which :-

  • Central programme : £1.73 billion
  • Central admin : £0.68 billion
  • Central vaccination programme : £0.50 billion
  • Supply chain coordination ltd (SCCL) : £0.23 billion
  • Clinical excellence awards : £0.13 billion

Note: This funding includes £3.4 billion for employer pension contributions.

Splashing the COVID cash

Massive Nightingale hospitals were built at breakneck speed for COVID, never to be used. Beds in normal hospitals lay empty because normal operations were cancelled. You could not see a consultant for love nor money. Huge amounts were spent on PPE, a lot of it never to be used.

The biggest killer diseases in the country were essentially left to run riot until of course it was too late for many people. We still do not know the full extent of the unnecessary deaths which resulted, and which are still happening, as treatments were started far too late. We also know that GPs got used to doing appointments by phone and now don’t want to go back to seeing patients face-to-face.


It doesn't seem to matter how much public money is thrown at the NHS, the outlooks continue to look very poor. Some very senior doctors (the Barrington Declaration comes to mind) bravely came out and warned at what the government and broadcast media were doing, but were shot down. Now they can hold their heads up high.

One thing seems sure. We cannot continue like this.

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[ Sources: NHS England ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Wed 10 Apr 2024

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