Today marks six months since the worst loss of Jewish life in one day since WWII

Hamas still holds hostages after barbaric and inhuman crimes, still vows to destroy Israel

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Pro-Palestinian supporters protest each weekend in UK cities but we do not forget

On Wednesday (03 Apr 2024) last week an open letter was sent to the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak by hundreds of pro-Palestinian lawyers based in the UK. This letter is full of inaccuracies and omissions, as we shall show in our next report on this.

Today we remember the barbaric attack on innocent civilians in Israel six months ago today on 07 October 2023 by Hamas terrorists, including the acts of multiple rapes, brutal murders, burnings, torture, decapitations, and infanticide. This was horror on a scale almost beyond belief committed by those who can only be described as animals.

It resulted in the worst loss of life for Jewish people in a single day since the holocaust. A large number of Jewish people were abducted and remain under Hamas control and terror in Gaza today. We cannot begin to imagine what they have gone through, nor do we know how many remain alive. The one thing we do know is that Hamas refuses to free them.

We also know that Hamas has vowed to repeat this attack and that it is still working behind the cover of the civilian community in Gaza.

No political grievances can justify these atrocities

There are many political disputes in the world today. Not a single one of them can possibly justify the sheer barbarity committed by Hamas terrorists against innocent men, women, children and babies in Israel on 07 October last year.

Any readers who have watched any of the videos and photos posted by Hamas online can possibly forget them. We recommend readers do not watch them if they do not wish to be haunted by these images forever.

On the streets of British cities

Many people across the country have been shocked each weekend by the transformation of their cities into something they do not recognise, as thousands of pro-Palestinian marchers have overtaken these with demonstrations which have made the centre of these cities into something never seen before.

Meanwhile our police have stood by, as anti-semitic slogans have been chanted. Click on the image to the right to see what we reported about his back in November last year. If this troubles you, please sign "the October Declaration", a link to which is in that report.

Enter the British ‘luvvie’ legal profession

Last week hundreds of UK lawyers, judges, and legal academics – many of whom have names of arabic derivation but also many who do not – signed a letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, calling on him to do the following :-

  • to work actively and effectively to secure a permanent ceasefire in Gaza;
  • to take all available measures to ensure safe access to and delivery of the essentials of existence and medical assistance to Palestinians in Gaza, including confirmation that UK funding to UNRWA will continue with immediate effect;
  • to impose sanctions upon individuals and entities who have made statements inciting genocide against Palestinians;
  • to suspend the provision of weapons and weapons systems to the Government of Israel; and
  • to suspend the 2030 Road Map for UK-Israel bilateral relations and negotiations towards an enhanced trade agreement and to initiate a review into the suspension of the UK’s bilateral trade agreement with Israel and consider the imposition of sanctions.

All of this is apparently in the name of international law. We shall comment on these demands in our next article.

An act of war of the worst kind was inflicted on Israel, without warning

It seems to be forgotten that the attack by Hamas was not of a military nature. They did not attack the Israeli military. Instead they tortured, mutilated, and murdered innocent citizens who were unable to defend themselves – and then boasted about it afterwards. This was depravity of the worst kind.

We shall be publishing a full rebuttal of the letter from the pro-Palestinian UK legal profession to Rishi Sunak in the next couple of days.


There are some events in the world that are so horrific that we are compelled to speak out. This is one such time.

None of the Facts4EU.Org or CIBUK.Org teams are Jewish. This is about humanity, not race or religion.

We will publish a rebuttal of the UK’s pro-Palestinian legal profession’s letter shortly, including our comments on the actions of the Israeli government to defend its country.

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[ Sources: HAMAS | Israeli Government | UK Government ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

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