For five weekends the UK’s streets have become dangerously unrecognisable

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Brexit Facts4EU and CIBUK are proud to sign and support ‘The October Declaration’
And to back the peaceful demonstrations on Sunday 19 and Sunday 26 November

On 07 October 2023 Israel and her citizens, both Jews and non-Jews, were subjected to a brutal terrorist attack, which resulted in the murder, torture, rape, mutilation and kidnapping of over 1,500 people. More Jews were killed on that day than on any other day since the Holocaust.

Since then we have seen extraordinary scenes on the streets of the UK’s major cities, with thousands of pro-Hamas (an officially proscribed organisation) and pro-Palestinian supporters appearing, seemingly out of the woodwork. The effect on the Jewish population in the United Kingdom has been profound and deeply disturbing. Fear is everywhere. This is an appalling thing to admit to in Britain in 2023, but it’s true.

Credit : October Declaration 2023

Today you can decide to make your stand in three ways

Firstly, read (and if you agree) sign ‘The October Declaration’.

This could not be simpler and we want to help the organisers to get the numbers up to over a million.

Commenting on our report today, The Rt Hon Lord (Eric) Pickles PC said :-

"This total disregard and disinterest of the safety and dignity of women diminishes the moral authority of the marchers. Their hypocrisy knows no limits.

"Where are the banners protesting at the rape of Israelis, the sexual assault, the plea for the return of the hostages? #metoo applies to everyone except Jews."

Just some of the endorsements we have received from the public:-

“While I feel woefully unqualified to comment on the on-going tragedy in Israel and Gaza, I do feel very strongly, as someone British, that my Jewish fellow-citizens are currently not being allowed to feel valued and safe, and the shame of this is something that all of us in the country share in.”

- Tom Holland, author and The Rest is History podcaster, 18 Nov 2023

"For me, supporting the October Declaration is an honour and a vitally important duty, and I stand in solidarity with British Jews. When a previous generation said 'Never again', they meant it. We must continue to remain vigilant against antisemitism, and to educate the next generation in order to guard against its rise. I was horrified to see the hatred on display on the streets of our capital, my hometown, on Armistice Day, and say 'Never again' to that too.

- Clarissa Reilly, antique shop owner, Wiltshire, 18 Nov 2023

"It’s very simple: we said ‘Never again'. I am ashamed of what I am seeing on the streets across the UK and beyond - no calls for the freedom of the hostages, no calls condemning Hamas as terrorists. No acknowledgment of 7 October and the barbarity that occurred. I am also aghast at the way Israel appears to be automatically disbelieved but Hamas’ word is taken as gospel in our media. It must be very scary to be Jewish in the UK right now and if I wasn’t recovering from my operation, I’d be on my first ever march this weekend showing British Jews that we - the wider British public - still mean 'Never again’."

- Emma Lloyd, farmer in Wales, 18 Nov 2023

"Notwithstanding my very evident Jewish heritage (from both my name and features), I did not once experience any unpleasant antisemitism within the service throughout a very long Naval career.

"Recent events have shocked me deeply. The events of 7 October and the deaths of so many Palestinians are both appalling but the lessons from both World Wars and subsequent conflicts clearly demonstrate that undefeated fascist organisations simply resurrect themselves to continue their hate and genocide. Despite this, our national broadcaster still refuses to identify Hamas as a terrorist organisation; it is unable to differentiate between innocent Palestinians and the perpetrators of this act and has seemingly almost forgotten the horrors of 7 October in seeking headline grabbing coverage of the subsequent war in Gaza. Irrespective of the legal niceties preventing either the police or government from prohibiting the pro-Palestinian Armistice Day march, the organisers closed their minds to the certainty of antisemitic or right-wing protesters using it as cover when the right thing to do would have been to cancel the march altogether; yet in interview, the BBC failed to challenge this in any meaningful way.

"The sheer number of protestors that these marches have attracted is very disturbing as is the number of controversial placards apparently tolerated or even encouraged by the organisers. One can only observe that participants mainly comprise those of middle eastern origin and a younger generation of useful idiots seemingly devoid of any knowledge of historical fact or understanding. I find it hard to recognise this as the nation for whom I wore the uniform for 36 years."

- Commodore Barry Goldman CBE Royal Navy (rtd), 18 Nov 2023

Secondly, join a vigil tomorrow (Sunday 19 November) at 4pm in London, to make yours and millions of ordinary people’s voices felt.

Bring your friends and shine your lights for those who are alone in the darkness. Christians and Jews will be joining together in a peaceful unity stand, with speakers, songs, prayer and keeping the focus on the plight of the hostages. You don’t need to be a Christian or Jew, all are welcome. REGISTER HERE for more information and to be first to hear about the location.

Thirdly, join a march on Sunday 26 November at 1.30pm in London, to make yours and millions of ordinary people’s voices felt.

Yes, we know that joining a march or a vigil is more of a commitment but unless the great British public stand up and be seen, stepping up for traditional British values of tolerance, respect for fellow citizens, and for the rule of law, then what are we as a nation?

In a further comment, writer, historian and TV presenter Simon Sebag Montefiore told us :-

“It is sad this is even necessary. The October Declaration is so important as antisemitism surges across the world and especially in the UK. We stand with fellow British Jews against anti-Jewish racism. We stand against Hamas terrorism. We demand the return of the Israeli hostages. And we assert the principle that civilians must never be targeted. We hold every life dear and deplore the loss of every civilian in this war, Palestinian and Israeli.”

- Simon Sebag Montefiore, historian and author

Photo credit: Marcus Leoni / O Globo

Finally, we quote the words from the organisation behind the October Declaration

“Following the terrorist attack on Israel, anti-semitism is surging in the UK. The Community Security Trust (CST) recorded at least 533 antisemitic incidents across the UK between 7-20 October 2023, representing an increase of 651% compared to the same period in 2022.

“Children have not been spared. Four Jewish schools in Britain felt compelled to close. One school was vandalised. It is abominable that British children should now live in fear just because they are Jews. All children should be able to attend school without fear.

“British Jews should not live in fear because of actions taken by the state of Israel to defend itself. The British state must do everything in its power to protect them.

“While we respect the right of all groups to engage in peaceful protest, we urge the police to enforce the law without fear or favour.”

Photo: Prolific author and co-founder of British Friends of Israel, Laura Dodsworth


In the recent weeks since the appalling atrocities committed by Hamas on 07 October against ordinary men, women and children in Israel, three things have stood out.

  • The enormous numbers of people now in the United Kingdom who clearly don't share what might be considered to be traditional British values
  • The deeply-ingrained rot within the BBC
  • The clear 'two-tier' policing and endemic problems within our police service

Today we have chosen to make a stand on behalf of the majority and we hope you will too.

None of our team are Jewish, which we hope makes our appeal more compelling. We simply wish to see a United Kingdom returning to its traditional values, where all law-abiding citizens of whatever race, creed, or colour are respected and valued, and feel safe to walk the streets.

Currently a section of our population are living in fear. We are sure the vast (generally silent) majority of the British people will want to re-assert what it is to be British.

Please sign the October Declaration here. Thank you.

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[ Sources: The October Declaration organisers | Members of the public ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sat 18 Nov 2023

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