Sunak mobilises $40bn for ‘global infrastructure investment’? What planet is he on?

Yesterday the PM pledged billions “to help get Sustainable Development Goals back on track”

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Does he have any clue about the British people’s real priorities?

Yesterday (Sat 20 May 2023) the Prime Minister announced a “commitment to mobilising billions in finance to help get the Sustainable Development Goals back on track.”

No, we didn’t have any idea what this meant either. All we knew was that $40bn (approx £32bn) is a lot of cash. We decided to investigate.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

  • ‘British Investment Partnerships’ will mobilise $40 billion by the end of 2027 for global infrastructure and economic development
  • The UK development finance institution confirms first investment in Asia
  • PM has reaffirmed UK commitment to reinvigorating the Sustainable Development Goals at the G7

[Source: No.10, 20 May 2023.]

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Forget the UK, the former banker PM is on a world mission

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has “redoubled the UK’s commitment” to mobilising billions in public and private finance to help get the Sustainable Development Goals back on track at the G7 in Japan.

The UK’s development finance institution, British International Investment, announced its first investment in the Indo-Pacific yesterday. The $15 million (£12m) investment in the SUSI Asia Energy Transition Fund will support renewable energy, energy storage and microgrid projects across the continent.

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The G7 launched the global infrastructure investment initiative under the UK’s presidency in Carbis Bay in 2021, to provide transparent and reliable sources of finance ”to build vital and long-neglected infrastructure in low and middle income countries, from bridges and roads to renewable energy grids.”

Yesterday the Prime Minister confirmed ahead of a side event on the Partnership for Global Infrastructure Investment at the G7, that the UK will aim to mobilise $40 billion in financing for sustainable infrastructure investment and economic development by the end of 2027.

This is for a range of initiatives, from wind and solar projects in India to sustainable energy supplies for hospitals in Africa.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said:

“We know the transformative power of reliable, responsible private investment. It’s the spark that is helping us to build ports in Senegal and Somaliland, hydropower projects in Rwanda and offshore wind in India.

“The UK is committed to ensuring the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment delivers the financing the world needs to lift communities out of poverty.”

The Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP, Japan, 20 May 2023

The UK is also working with G7 partners to “reform the international tax architecture and make the international financial system more responsive to developing countries’ needs”, for example by including “Climate Resilient Debt Clauses” (CRDCs) in new lending.


Words almost fail us. The UK is creaking at the seams due to mass immigration, overflowing schools, more than seven million on the NHS waiting list, a cost of living crisis, and a chronic shortage of housing. The benefits of Brexit are not even close to be being delivered and Northern Ireland is now a colony of the European Union.

Despite all of this, the British Prime Minister was grandstanding yesterday on the world stage in Japan – where he is attending the G7 Summit - pledging tens of billions of pounds for ‘Net Zero’ projects for other countries.

We have to wonder who is advising him. Presumably these people are not dissimilar to the heads of various Civil Service departments. All his advisers should be fired, if the Prime Minister is to have any hope of being elected (don’t forget he was never elected by his Party, only by his colleagues in Westminster) at the next general election.

As a non-partisan organisation we look at parties’ policies and how they match up to the promises of Brexit, as well as other issues such as immigration, cancel culture, ‘climate change’, gender issues, freedom of speech, etc. Sadly there isn’t one party in Westminster that remotely comes up to scratch.

In memoriam : Martin Amis, greatest English novelist of his generation, who died of cancer on Friday. Our condolences to Isabel, his children and grandchildren.

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[ Sources: No.10 ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sun 21 May 2023

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