How we beat “the Blob” – Our voices WILL now be heard

The story of how ‘BigTech’ tried to thwart our TV-style documentary and how we won

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The fight goes on – But together we can defeat them

Regular readers will know that Brexit Facts4EU has an exciting new project underway in collaboration with CIBUK – making a TV-style documentary to promote a truly independent United Kingdom, countering the incessant propaganda from the Rejoiner-Globalist ‘elites’ who wish to drag us back into servitude.

In addition to Brexit, this documentary also includes topics such as immigration, Net Zero, freedom of speech, cancel culture, no-platforming, trans-genger issues, defence, and much more. We already have an impressive line-up of former Ministers, MPs, Peers, and commentators from around the world who have agreed to participate.

The power of “The Blob”

Quite how widespread the Remainer-Establishment’s power and influence extends can be gauged by the abrupt manner in which our crowd-funding campaign was taken down and halted in its tracks without notice or explanation – the day after going live. Then they reinstated it, briefly, before taking it down again.

At that point, the funds so generously donated by our supporters were frozen by the powers-that-be for reasons which remain bizarre and incomprehensible. We also found out that this California-based crowd-funding corporation was charging our donors “tips”, in addition to the commission they were taking from us. One donor gave £1,000 and was charged a “tip” of £150.

Only by submitting to their extraordinary rules - which don't seem to apply to Globalist-Rejoiners - did they release the block on our account by which time the damage was done. The campaign came to a juddering halt and we are now having to re-launch our campaign using our own ‘crowd-funding’ site.

We’re pleased to say that is now live and readers can make donations by clicking the button below. If you're donating £50 or more please let us know if you wish to be credited as an Associate Producer or more.

The living is easy if you’re a Globalist-Rejoiner operation

The experience was all the more galling given the smooth and supportive service which the other side have received when launching crowdfunding programmes of their own.

It also points to a wider danger across the western world: that those who exercise the political, financial and technical clout to make things happen are doing so in pursuit of their own agenda which is increasingly at odds with those they are supposed to serve.

As of today - and as a result of threats to that corporation - we have finally been able to access the donations. CIBUK is now in the process of terminating all relations with the Californian corporation.

Please show what you think of BigTech - Please contribute using our own donation page for this documentary

When this trouble all started, Facts4EU set up our own crowd-funding page in order to raise the money to make this important TV-style documentary. We are very grateful to those readers who have donated so far.

As a result of the repeated actions of this BigTech corporation in California, Facts4EU makes no apologies for repeating our appeal to ordinary members of the public to support the making of this documentary.

If you believe in independence, sovereignty and freedom, here’s what you can now do

We must fight back against the Rejoiners, globalists, and those who would transform the fabric of our country beyond recognition. With your help we can do this.

We have raised £47,541 and we now need an extra £27,459 - and every donation towards this goal helps. Can you help us today?

We present a fund-raising trailer to give us all hope - ‘The Independence Documentary’

In recent months the Rejoiner-Globalist movement has raised £100,000 to make a TV-style documentary to persuade the public of their extremist views. On 30 April we learnt they started preparing a second one, raising another £100,000. Below you can watch CIBUK’s Communications Director, Ben Philips, explaining what we are doing in response to the other side and giving you the chance to become an Associate Movie Producer for as little as £50.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

The Independence Documentary

  • To re-emphasise the positive case for an independent UK, which is increasingly under threat
  • To rebut the negative case being made by the Rejoiners who wish to drag us back into the EU
  • To take on issues such as net zero, open borders, uncontrolled immigration, more lockdowns, gender politics, cancel culture, under-funded defence and the like

This is just the fund-raising trailer - a three-minute video by Ben Philips, Communications Director of the Campaign for an Independent Britain, in association with Brexit Facts4EU.Org. Ben outlines this exciting new project and how you can help.

Here are the donation options

Or you can be completely anonymous. We would very much appreciate donations directly to Facts4EU.Org – which grant all the benefits above – or you can donate to CIBUK. Click here to donate to CIBUK.

Finally, here is how we’re doing so far

We and CIBUK have a target budget of £75,000 to make this documentary, which is 75% of what the Rejoiners have raised for just one of theirs. Fortunately some professionals have offered their services at reduced rates, which is why we do not need as much as the other side.

This documentary has Parliamentary support

We are pleased to tell readers that we have already lined up an impressive number of speakers from Parliament - former Ministers, MPs, and Peers. We also have young and talented interviewees who are the next generation's fighters in the battle to get ordinary people's concerns heard, and there is a healthy gender and ethnic mix.


Fighting back for freedom

The Globalist-Rejoiners must not succeed. We must fight back. If you feel the same way, here is your opportunity. We really hope that many readers will support this initiative and make a donation today.

We must get reports like this out there

Facts4EU.Org needs you today

We are a 'not for profit' team (we make a loss) and any payment goes towards the actual work, not plush London offices, lunch or taxi expenses, or other luxuries of some organisations.

We badly need more of our thousands of readers to become members, to support this work. Could this be you, today? It's quick and easy, we give you a choice of two highly secure payment providers, and we do NOT ask you for further support if you pay once. We just hope you keep supporting us. Your membership stays anonymous unless you tell us otherwise.

Please don't assume that other people will keep us going - we don't receive enough to survive and we need your help today. Could you help us? We rely 100% on public contributions from readers like you.

If you believe in a fully-free, independent, and sovereign United Kingdom, please join now by clicking on one of the links below or you can use our Support page here. You will receive a personal, friendly ‘thank you’ from a member of our team within 24 hours. Thank you.

Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Fri 19 May 2023

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