Is ‘The European Movement’ in trouble? Lord Adonis quits as Chairman

This news comes as the Rejoiners are massing for a ‘Day For Rejoin’ in March

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10 days before Christmas Lord Andrew Adonis, the Chairman of ‘The European Movement’ of arch-Rejoiners, unexpectedly and quietly resigned, “to spend more time on his writing”. Strangely, this news seems to have gone unreported by the BBC.

The European Movement’s Vice Chair, Molly Scott Cato, will serve as interim Chair until a successor is elected. Commenting on the resignation she said:-

"I am disappointed by this news, but I would like to thank Andrew for his enormous contribution to the European Movement as our Chair. Under Andrew’s leadership, the European Movement has accelerated our membership growth, reformed our governance and defined a clear strategy to campaign' Step by Step' to reverse the calamity of Brexit.”

"We are entering a critical stage in the Battle for the Soul of our Country. What we do now will define the pace of our route back to the EU. Our next Chair must be fully committed to that goal whilst continuing to build our Movement across the country.”

- European Movement website statement, 14 Dec 2022

Who is Molly Scott Cato?

Unlike Baron Adonis, who withdrew from every national election before polling day and only got his ministerial position by virtue of Tony Blair making him a peer, Molly Scott Cato was elected as an MEP for the Green Party.

Her interests are green economics, localism and anti-capitalism, and she is strongly anti-nuclear. An academic, she was privately educated at a well-known girls’ school in Bath and went on to study PPE at Oxford.

In the last general election she stood as the ‘Unite to Remain’ candidate in Stroud, with the LibDems standing down to give her a chance. Molly Scott Cato came third, gaining only 7.5% of the vote and with just 4,954 constituents voting for her.

The Rejoiners’ march in October was a bit of a disappointment for them

In October the National Rejoin March (NRM) organised a march in London, protesting against Brexit and calling for the United Kingdom to rejoin the European Union.

Amongst the headline speakers was Steve Bray. Readers will know him as the irritating man who for years disrupted every news broadcast from College Green outside Parliament with his constant “No Brexit!” shouts. They also had to endure the Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt.

The NRM claim that their march in October:-

“was a huge success, attracting 50,000 re-joiners who marched peacefully through the streets of London to Parliament Square, where a rally was held featuring fantastic and hopeful speeches from Guy Verhofstadt, Terry Reintke, Femi Oluwole, Siobhan Benita, Mike Galsworthy, Steve Bray and many more.”

National Rejoin March website

The Metropolitan Police say that only 15,000 were on the march, not the 50,000 claimed by the organisers on the NRM website.

VIDEO: The Rejoiners' 'stage show' was cringe-making

When it comes to the stage show following the march, this is where words almost fail us. It must be remembered before watching any of this that it is the Rejoiners who claim that Brexiteers are ill-educated and ignorant. All we can do is recommend our readers to watch at least some of it.

The full video on YouTube is here.

Photo credit: NRM

Now the Rejoiners are mobilising for a day of action in March 2023

Undaunted, the NRM are now mobilising for a ‘Day for Rejoin’, on Saturday 25th March 2023. Here is what they say:-

“What is 'NRM Day For Rejoin'?”

“A day of pro-rejoin action around the whole of the UK and in every EU country, all happening on the same day. Events of all different kinds, whether a static protest, a music event, street dancing, street stall, book fair, pub crawl, whatever you can dream up! We need organisers to create pro-rejoin events in every area of the UK and around the EU. Sign up to become an organiser with the form below!”

Over £3 million in foreign funding received by Rejoiner organisations

One international organisation, known as ‘The Open Society Foundations’ (OSF), was founded by foreign multi-billionaire George Soros, who made a great deal of money betting against sterling.

Their website states they are :-

“the world’s largest private funder of independent groups working for justice, democratic governance, and human rights.”

- Open Societies website

From 2016 to 2019 George Soros’s OSF donated more than £3 million to UK groups dedicated to overturning the largest democratic vote in the United Kingdom’s history.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Foreign funding of UK Rejoiner groups, 2016-2019

This is only OSF funding - we do not have details of other funding

  • Best for Britain: £400,000 (2017), £1,087,000 (2018), £1,213,689 (2019)
  • European Movement: £100,000 (2017), £100,000 (2018)
  • Scientists for EU: £35,000 (2017)
  • Bright Blue: £86,000 (2016)
  • TOTAL: £3,021,689 over four years after the Referendum

[Source: The Open Society Foundations]

© Brexit Facts4EU.Org 2023 - click to enlarge

Note: We do not have details of any other funding that may have been received by these groups from OSF since 2019, nor the amount of funding from other sources.


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[ Sources: The European Movement | National Rejoin March ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sun 08 Jan 2023

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