Revealed: Brexit Britain is worth more to the EU than massive China

The EU sells 29% more goods to the UK than to its “Top Trading Partner”

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UK’s population is only 4.8% of China’s, yet Brexit Brits buy far more from the EU than the Chinese do

These days, China tops the EU's ‘bestsellers table’ produced by the EU Commission on a monthly basis. China is described as the EU’s top trading partner, but what is the reality behind the figures? Whose market is the bigger for the EU, China’s or the UK’s?

Facts4EU.Org’s analysis of the latest trade figures published by the EU last Friday clearly shows that Brexit Britain is a significantly larger market for EU goods than China. In fact the EU27 sold 29% more to the UK in the last 12 months than it did to China. This is despite the fact that the UK only has 4.8% of the population of the much larger Asian country.

In short, the Brexit British are far fewer in numbers than the Chinese, but we buy far more from the EU.

Revealed: EU’s “Top Trading Partner” is way behind the UK as the biggest market for EU companies

The simple, but awkward, fact for the EU Commission is that Brexit Britain far out-paces China as an export market. Below Facts4EU.Org exposes the brutal facts.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

95% fewer people than China, but Brexit Britons buy more from the EU than the Chinese do

(Latest official EU Commission figures, 12 mths to end-Aug 2021)

  • EU27 companies sell 29.2% more goods to the UK than to China
  • EU’s goods sales to UK: €287.5bn (£252.2bn pounds)
  • EU’s goods sales to China: €222.4bn (£195.1bn pounds)

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So how can the EU possibly describe China as its “Top Trading Partner”?

The reason the EU puts China at the top of its ‘bestsellers’ table is not because China buys more from the EU than the UK does. It is because China sells far more to the EU than the UK does.

The total trade between two countries (or in this case one country – China - and one wannabe country – the EU) is the sum of imports and exports. Using this measure, China does indeed top the UK. This measure, however, disguises a very inconvenient truth for the EU.

The bulk of the total trade between the EU and China is one-way, and that’s very heavily in China’s favour.

The EU ‘makes’ £120bn from UK and ‘loses’ £175bn to China

The EU’s trade with the United Kingdom is highly profitable, as we showed in our report on Monday. It sells the UK £120.5bn per annum more than it buys. Conversely, the EU’s trade with China is the opposite. It sells China £175bn less than it buys.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

In balance of payments terms, for the EU the difference between trading with the UK and trading with China is a staggering £295.5bn per annum

  • EU’s trade deficit with China: -£175.0 bn
  • EU’s trade surplus with UK: +£120.5 bn
  • Total difference: £295.5 bn

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A troubling fact for the EU

The EU’s annual trade deficit with China is equivalent to its entire trade surplus with the UK
and with all other countries in the world - COMBINED.

The EU Commission’s hypocrisy and double standards - exposed

The EU has refused to accept UK standards on everything from medicines to pets to financial services, despite the fact that almost nothing has changed since Brexit and the standards are essentially the same. In addition, the UK is a democracy whose legal system is admired and copied around the world, and with workers’ rights guaranteed and human rights respected.

When it comes to China, however, the EU seems happy to let Chinese companies sell into the Single Market despite a litany of very serious failures on many levels. From forced labour camps, to genocide, to the unilateral abrogation of international law, to the blacklisting of MPs and MEPs who dare to speak out, the list of China’s faults is legion.

At the end of last year the EU Commission agreed a major investment deal with China. The only reason that this has been blocked from becoming a treaty is because the EU Parliament has vetoed it. They did so because of China’s record on the issues we mentioned above, as well as many others. This deal - negotiated and promoted by the Commission - is therefore effectively on permanent hold and the Commission’s plans to do more business with China lie in tatters.

EU Commission’s No.1 priority is its ‘Green Deal’ – yet EU’s biggest importer is the world’s biggest polluter

The world’s latest climate jamboree, COP26, kicks off in Glasgow at the end of next week. The EU will of course be there, in numbers. China's Xi Jinping will not, on the other hand, be attending, as Facts4EU.Org predicted months ago.

As shown in recent Facts4EU.Org reports here and here. China’s record on climate change is as bad as its record on so many other issues dear to the EU technocrats’ hearts.

All countries importing from China (including the UK) are in effect importing pollution, but this pollution conveniently never shows in countries’ carbon emissions figures as it is created in China and from Chinese-owned plants in developing countries.

The EU’s imports from China are now at a very high level. Does the EU have any concerns about its growing reliance on such a tainted regime?


During the EU Referendum debate and in all the years following, Remain-Rejoin campaigners have talked a great deal about trade. Brexiteers have always focused more on issues of sovereignty.

On sovereignty, Remainer-Rejoiners know they are not on firm ground. As a result they generally deflect onto trade. Unfortunately on trade they have been allowed to get away with a constant barrage of claims which have no basis in facts or reality.

Over the past six years Facts4EU.Org has produced a deluge of reports based on official figures – mostly from the EU itself – which have disproved the Remain campaigners’ claims. Our reports today and on Monday are but two more nails in the coffin of Project Fear.

These will not prevent Remainers from repeating their wild accusations, but at least Brexiteers have a wealth of additional ammunition to bust the myths.

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[ Sources: EU Commission latest trade figures to end-Aug 2021 ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Fri 22 Oct 2021

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