Faced with Lord Frost, the EU blinks first

EU Commission pauses legal action against the United Kingdom over N.I. Protocol

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The first of Lord Frost's key demands has been agreed by the EU

Yesterday in Brussels the EU Commission backed down and acceded to one of Lord Frost's key demands which was contained in the UK Government's Command Paper issued last Wednesday 21 July 2021. Lord Frost had asked for a moratorium on the EU's legal action against the United Kingdom while the N.I. Protocol was renegotiated and amended.

A Commission spokesperson yesterday said:

"In order to provide the necessary space to reflect on these issues and find durable solutions to the implementation of the Protocol, we have decided, at this stage, not to move to the next stage of the infringement procedure, started in March."

On 16 March 2021 Facts4EU.Org looked at the EU's legal action against the UK and readers can review our report here.


No written statement yet

The above information is unverified and comes from a report in the Telegraph. As yet the Commission has not released a written statement confirming its new position, which is unusual. Facts4EU.Org will bring you this if it is published.

It is of course possible that the Commission realises it has enough on its plate as it goes into its August shut-down, when so many staff head off for their holidays. It might also be that the Commission is clearing its lines with some of the more extremist elements of the EU Parliament, whose attitude to any talks with the UK about amending the N.I. Protocol is even more hostile than that of the Commission.

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[ Sources: EU Commission / Daily Telegraph ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Wed 28 Jul 2021

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