Brexit groups call for “Deal or walk, please Prime Minister”

Boris Johnson strongly urged to walk away if EU doesn’t offer a normal trade deal today

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Part Two of 'Big Brexit Initiative' - Strong message from Brexit groups, key individuals, and voters

Today, 19 November 2020, the 27 leaders of the EU countries meet via video. One item missing from the agenda is the UK-EU trade talks, which were supposed to have been concluded by now – several times over.

As Brexit Facts4EU.Org reported on Tuesday, the Prime Minister’s three deadlines for trade talks to be completed have all been missed: 30 June, 31 July, and 15 October. Following the very brief hiatus after 15 October it was then said the talks would continue until ‘early November’ with approval to be sought at the EU27’s meeting today.

Today, with no basis for a deal in sight, the talk in Brussels is now of a draft deal being in place in time for the next EU Council Summit on 10-11 December – just three weeks before the United Kingdom exits the Transition Period.

As a result, Brexit Facts4EU.Org has stepped up and has coordinated a combined letter to the PM. This letter is being sent to him today by the major Brexit campaigning groups, countersigned by a large number of significant individuals. We reproduce it below.

Big Brexit Initiative - Letter to the Prime Minister No.2

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The Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA

19 November 2020

Dear Prime Minister,

Important message to you from the major Brexit organisations reflecting the views of millions of voters:

“Deal or Walk”

Prime Minister, it took the EU more than three years and eight months after the British people voted to leave the European Union before the EU was ready to even start talking about a trade deal. In hindsight, this should have told us all everything we needed to know.

Three trade deal deadlines have now passed: 30 June, 31 July, and 15 October. This Thursday 19 November the EU27 leaders are meeting and it was hoped a deal would be ready to be discussed. Sadly the EU remains intransigent on fundamental matters which are entirely normal when dealing with an independent and sovereign country, and the UK-EU trade deal is not even on the agenda at its meeting.

In light of the EU’s behaviour, the only reasonable and practical action is to call a halt. The United Kingdom cannot be trapped in negotiations where the other party’s priorities are not trade, but political ideology and the desire to see a departing country be damaged. The UK’s economic interests, jobs, and freedoms must now come first.

The United Kingdom’s negotiating team led by Lord Frost has been immensely patient, and its efforts have been valiant, but enough is enough. No country in the World could agree to the EU’s continuing demands. It is not even remotely possible to ‘meet half-way’.

We voted to Leave and to Take Back Control
Prime Minister, it's Time to Take our Leave
This Thursday it must be “Deal or Walk”

This letter is being sent to you by the Big Brexit Initiative – the grouping of major Brexit organisations, together with many key individuals – combined behind one message to Government. We very much hope you will act on it now.

Yours sincerely,
The Big Brexit Initiative of the major Brexit campaigning organisations

The names of the Brexit organisations who have signed the Big Brexit Initiative are: Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Brexit-Watch, The Bruges Group, Get Britain Out, Global Britain, Green Leaves, Labour Leave, Scientists for Britain, Scots for Leave, The Time Party, Think Scotland, and Veterans for Britain.

The Big Brexit Initiative – Phase Two

The above letter forms Phase Two of the Big Brexit Initiative (BBI). Phase One was launched on 02 November and consisted of a letter to the Prime Minister and MPs, urging that the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration be rescinded and voided on the clear legal basis of the EU’s lack of good faith and lack of goodwill in the talks.

The messaging for Phase One was seen over a quarter of a million times, and a great many people sent letters and emails to the PM and to their MPs. Today - urgently - we need the support of ordinary voters once again, for this very important new letter.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

What can ordinary voters do?

We are urging all those who voted for a free, independent, and sovereign United Kingdom to stand up and be counted. If you would like to do something positive to help, there are two things you can do:-

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Letter to the Prime Minister
Please sign and send
The Big Brexit Initiative letter to the PM, No.2

Letter to your MP
Please add his/her name, your details, sign and send
The voter's 'MP letter' version, No.2

You can find your MP’s contact details here.


On 24 June 2016 we were celebrating a victory. Within hours of the result being announced by the BBC, the EU Commission President had declared that the EU would not be amicable, and so it has proved. As result of the ideologically-driven antics of the EU, the country has had to endure nearly four-and-a-half years of hostility, sniping, prevarication, procrastination, bullying, and deep, deep frustration at the absence of a normal and reasonable trade deal.

With no semblance of any trade deal in sight, it is now time to walk away. This is the message of the major Brexit campaigning groups to the Prime Minister today, and it echoes what voters across the country have been saying.

We strongly urge all readers to print out and send the two letters today - one to the PM and one to your MP. By all means please email too, but remember: hard copies are harder to ignore.

What’s the point?

We sometimes see comments on our site and below our social media posts saying “What’s the point?” The point is very simple. If everyone took that attitude, how on earth could the PM and MPs know the strength of feeling out there in the country at large?

We must tell Boris Johnson and all sitting MPs that these talks with the EU have gone on long enough. There is already precious little time for businesses, government agencies, and ordinary people to prepare for 31 December. For no-one to know the basis of the UK’s trading relationship in just six weeks’ time is a disgrace.

The EU has behaved in a wholly unacceptable manner towards the United Kingdom and its people for almost four-and-a-half years, as we evidenced in a major 3-part Facts4EU.Org report which Brexit Facts4EU.Org researched and published on 12 November.

The Government must now walk away and at the same time announce that it is rescinding and voiding the abominable Withdrawal Agreement (WA) as a result, thereby delivering what people voted for:  a free, independent, and sovereign United Kingdom. The WA was always predicated on a free trade agreement with the EU and as the EU has consistently acted in bad faith in this regard, the legal basis is clear.

Please act today

We urge all readers to act today. Please print off and sign copies of the letter to the PM and to your local MP, and post them today. You can also follow up by email, but remember: hard copies are harder to ignore.

This is important. Thank you.

We also need your financial help. Campaigns like this take an inordinate amount of time, because of the need to secure agreement from differing Brexit organisations. Brexit Facts4EU.Org is the organisation which has consistently undertaken intiatives like this.

Please make a donation to our work today, to keep us going. Readers who have not already donated to fund our work (which involves no limos, no secretaries, no long lunches – unlike the EU Commission) could do so in a two shakes of a Juncker's martini. Quick, secure, and confidential donation links are below this article. We only survive on public donations – unlike some Remainer organisations no foreign billionaires have ever funded us, sadly. Come to that, no domestic billionaires have ever funded us either...

Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Thur 19 Nov 2020

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