This time last year, 1.3 million people had died in the EU – without Coronavirus

This time this year, total deaths with Coronavirus in the EU are 19,943

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In the UK it is 1,019 - 0.7% of the total expected UK deaths by this time in the year

Maybe Coronavirus deaths across the EU will rocket. Let's hope not.

Maybe in the UK they will surge to nearly 150 times their current levels. If they did this, they would match the usual daily deaths from all causes in the UK.

Last week the Chief Medical Officer was saying that at least two-thirds of Coronavirus deaths would have happened anyway, due to other causes. Many people are now asking for real facts so that they can work out if this World Health Organisation pandemic is the real deal or not.

We know how to settle this question

We have the answer. We know how to decide if we have a real problem, or if this whole Coronavirus has been blown up beyond all proportion, or if the truth is somewhere in between.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Is the response to Coronavirus proportionate?

The answer is very simple

  • On average in 2018, 1,683 people in the UK died every day
  • In 2020 are more people dying each day or not?
  • If not – or if the number has only increased marginally - then Coronavirus is another in a long line of health scares

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Let’s look at the United Kingdom on its own

We have received many emails from readers who are asking about the unprecedented economic and societal actions being taken by Her Majesty’s Government.

People would like to know if we are facing a problem which does indeed require some of the draconian measures which have been implemented across the entire country.

The Government can settle this question very quickly

The Coronavirus is costing the British people hundreds of billions of pounds. The situation is now so bad that unemployment is soaring, thousands of companies will close, and the economy will contract faster than at any time since WWII.

Regardless of the measures taken by the Chancellor, the personal hardship and economic devastation will be severe, widespread, and long-lasting.

The least the Government can do is to apply whatever resources are required to give us the daily number of total deaths in the UK. After all, they can do it for deaths attributed to the Coronavirus on a daily basis, so it should not be a problem to do another daily figure for total deaths per day from all causes in the UK.

A simple request from Brexit Facts4EU.Org to Her Majesty’s Government

We call on the Government to publish the total number of UK deaths each day from all causes at the same time as they publish the number of UK deaths each day from the Coronavirus.

Dear Boris,

You tell us how many people die with the Coronavirus each day.

Please tell us how many die of all causes each day.

We will compare this with the average number of deaths that day in previous years. Then the public can see how many extra deaths are being caused by the Coronavirus.

We already have the daily figures for deaths in 2018, and the average daily figures for the last five years. We also call on the Government immediately to publish the total number of UK deaths every day in 2020.

Higher deaths in Italy, Spain and France

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  • 90.4% of all Coronavirus deaths in the EU27 to date are accounted for in just three EU countries
  • These are Italy, Spain and France


Damned if we do, damned if we don ‘t

This might be the first health scare in the last 100 years which proves to be as scary as the predictions which have been made by all the health 'experts'. Or it might be like AIDS, SARS, Swine Flu, Foot and Mouth, Mad Cow Disease, Ebola, MERS, ZIKA and every other iteration with which the global medical community has frightened the British public for generations.

All we can do is present facts and ask questions. Epidemiology is not our specialist subject. That said, we have amassed an enormous amount of data on Coronavirus now, so we would ask the “smart alec Remainers” out there on social media to assume that we have read and do understand a great deal of the research material available. As ever, this article is a summary. Our job is to distil this for the public.

Boris, we think ours is a reasonable request

We think our request to the Government to publish total daily death figures in the UK, at the same time as those number of deaths which are attributed to the Coronavirus, is perfectly reasonable.

This would allow the British public to assess the relative impact of the Coronavirus on the UK, and whether the reaction to it and the various policy measures are proportionate. And please let’s assume that the public aren’t stupid. They know that death rates from a new variant of a disease can rise exponentially.

They would just like to know how many more deaths are occurring than in a normal year.

And we would like to bring people some up-to-date and highly-relevant facts so that they can judge things. For themselves.

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[ Sources: EU's Health Agency ECDC and its Statistics Agency Eurostat ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

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