Brexit Fightback Initiative launched yesterday, with 8 groups supporting

Why ‘binning the Backstop’ still doesn’t mean Brexit

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Yesterday we launched our ‘Brexit Fightback Initiative’ with the simplest explanation yet seen of why a re-hashed Withdrawal Agreement without the Backstop is not Brexit.

This initiative was promoted to the media and to MPs yesterday and this work will continue.

The plan going forward

If we can get support, we intend to follow up Phase One by producing a definitive and powerful set of our famous ‘one-pagers’ on all the key Brexit topics, bringing previous ones up to date and creating new ones. This will be 'Phase Two'. (Please note that Scots for Leave will not be able to be involved in further phases, which is why they are not included in the logos above.)

Phase Three: This will involve a direct campaign naming MPs and ranking them according to their views and how they have voted in all significant votes in Parliament in the last three years. We will also provide sample letters and contact details. This involves a lot of work updating work we have previously done in past campaigns.

All of this work will be promoted to the media and we will be using our political connections too.

How you can help

Firstly, please do everything you can to promote this work. Producing material is one thing, but this is of little use unless it gets out there to the public – and to MPs.

As ever, the lack of funding limits the resources we can put on this. We are inviting readers to help by becoming a Sponsor (£10 donation), a Gold Sponsor (£50 donation), or a VIP Sponsor (£100 and above). We will not publish your name unless you give express permission, naturally, and your contact details are never used.

To those of you who have kindly made a donation, and who did not ask to remain anonymous, we will be publishing your names in a roll of honour tomorrow.

To become a Sponsor, please just use the quick and secure donation methods below this article. Thank you.

Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 20 Sep 2019

In our Saturday edition tomorrow: "Brexit Facts4EU.Org puts the Referendum result into context". Not to be missed!

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