Oops! Another Brexit Britain win for Rejoiners to try to explain away

UK’s services exports have risen almost 30% in real terms since the EU Referendum year

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Brexit Facts4EU.Org once again blows apart the ‘Rejoin’ narrative, using the official data

On Friday 26 April 2024, the Office for National Statistics released sets of official data about how well the UK’s export economy is working. We first reported on part of this here.

Today we can reveal that the UK’s service sector has increased its exports globally by almost 30% since the EU Referendum year of 2016. And to reinforce the point we are using the figures in real terms (after adjusting for inflation).

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

UK services exports, 2016-2023, CVM (taking out inflation)

  • 2016 : £294.3 bn
  • 2017 : £313.3 bn
  • 2018 : £332.2 bn
  • 2019 : £338.5 bn
  • 2020 : £302.6 bn
  • 2021 : £330.0 bn
  • 2022 : £357.2 bn
  • 2023 : £381.1 bn

[Source : Office for National Statistics, 26 Apr 2024.]

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These are facts which simply do not fit the Rejoin narrative

It is well-known that 80% of the UK economy is based on services. The EU Commission’s trade deals – limited as they are - have always been based around the export of goods. Services – at which the UK has traditionally excelled – were virtually ignored.

The Commission is finding it increasingly difficult to do more trade deals because they are now including the requirements of their ‘Green Agenda’. This is not going down well around the world and is increasingly under attack from several EU member countries.

The EU’s attempted trade deals with Australia and with the South American countries of the ‘Mercosur’ group are currently stalled.

Meanwhile the UK’s services sector is flourishing in terms of its exports globally.


It must be increasingly difficult to be a Rejoiner these days. The good news for Brexit Britain just keeps on coming, despite the strong head winds as a result of world events such as Covid-19, then Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, then the surge in oil prices and inflation.

In our analysis above we have stripped out the effects of inflation to present a summary of just how well the country’s services sector is doing in exporting around the world.

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[ Sources: Office for National Statistics ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sat 04 May 2024

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