EU’s ‘Level Playing Field’ is as uneven as ever, according to latest official data

Average hourly wage costs across EU countries still vary by up to six times

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The Commission may claim one thing, but the reality for ordinary people is very different

On Wednesday last week (27 Mar 2024) the EU Commission released the latest results from its survey of average wages in the 27 EU member countries. These reveal the continuing massive disparities across the EU’s empire.

For years the Facts4EU.Org team have researched and published numerous reports on the Commission’s failure to ‘level up’. These have included the level of average wages being paid (the subject of today’s report),state subsidies, statutory minimum wages, unemployment rates, workers’ rights, and many other topics.

In each case the disparities across the bloc are very large and affect hundreds of millions of people. These reports have continuously belied the belief system of Remainer-Rejoiners who seem to think everything is better in the EU. Today we publish another report which demonstrates this is not the case

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Average hourly wage costs across the EU, 2023

  • Luxembourg : € 53.9
  • Denmark : € 48.1
  • Belgium : € 47.1
  • Netherlands : € 43.3
  • France : € 42.2
  • Germany : € 41.3
  • Austria : € 40.9
  • Ireland : € 40.2
  • Sweden : € 38.9
  • Finland : € 37.1
  • Italy : € 29.8
  • Slovenia : € 25.5
  • Spain : € 24.6
  • Cyprus : € 20.1
  • Estonia : € 18.3
  • Czechia : € 18.0
  • Slovakia : € 17.2
  • Portugal : € 17.0
  • Greece : € 15.7
  • Lithuania : € 14.7
  • Poland : € 14.5
  • Croatia : € 14.4
  • Malta : € 14.2
  • Latvia : € 13.5
  • Hungary : € 12.8
  • Romania : € 11.0
  • Bulgaria : € 9.3

[Source : EU Commission (Eurostat), 27 Mar 2024.]

Below is the graphic representation of the EU’s ‘Level Playing Field’
(With countries in alphabetical order)

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How does the United Kingdom compare?

Unfortunately there are no directly comparable figures for the UK, as different EU countries include different elements in their wage costs, such as social security.

What we can tell readers is that the median annual salary in the UK last year was £34,963 (approx €40,557 euros). However this does not include all extra costs added on by some EU countries.

Many EU countries still do not have a minimum or living wage

Countries in the EU with no minimum wage legislation are : Denmark, Italy, Austria, Finland and Sweden. Others have no legislation but rely on workers’ agreements.

And as we pointed out in previous reports, for decades the UK led the way in so many areas of employee protection, far out-pacing the EU.


As can be seen above, the idea of the EU having “a Level Playing Field” continues to be for the birds.

Yet this was a major factor when the EU negotiated with the UK over its Withdrawal Agreement and its Trade and Cooperation Agreement. In each case we would have laughed their negotiators out of the room

Unfortunately when Theresa May was in charge there was constant acquiescence. By the time Boris Johnson came to power and Lord David Frost was negotiating with the EU, far too much had already been agreed.

None of the above will matter to Remainer-Rejoiners

Over the years we have found that it doesn’t matter what official facts are presented to Remainer-Rejoiners, they simply do not want to hear them.

We will simply end with this. If Remainer-Rejoiners think the EU’s empire represents some form of workers’ paradise, they are in for a big disappointment.

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[ Sources: EU Commission | ONS ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sun 31 Mar 2024

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