Macron trounced and his government falls, Germany’s Scholz humiliated, EU’s Right soars

Will Sir Keir Starmer have any EU socialists left to talk to, after these EU election results?

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Climate sceptics and Eurosceptics clean up across Europe, in a blow to UK’s Labour leader

The UK is set to lurch further Left in the UK general election just as the EU has marched Right. With all the latest UK polls still showing a massive majority for Labour in the general election on 04 July 2024 and a wipe-out of the Conservative Party, the EU has just confirmed it will be a different place by the time the British public elects its next government.

The electorates in many EU countries have had enough and the direction of travel is the polar opposite to that in the United Kingdom.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org summarises the new, provisional political landscape across the English Channel following the 2024 EU Parliamentary elections and starts to consider what this means for a socialist United Kingdom, if Labour wins the general election.

Facts4EU.Org summarises how Europe voted in the last three days

The latest provisional EU election results are below.

Given 27 EU countries and the large number of parties in each, Facts4EU.Org is focusing on the EU’s three most powerful economies. These are the countries – France, Germany and Italy - which will be most important to Sir Keir Starmer if he becomes Prime Minister on 04 July.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Provisional results – the EU’s three most powerful member countries

[NOTE : These were the latest figures we extracted at 03.00am this morning and may change. Source : EU Parliament, 10 Jun 2024.]

1. FRANCE - Macron heavily defeated and calls snap general election

President Macron’s defeat to Marine Le Pen in the EU parliamentary election last night presages major changes in France after he then called a snap general election for three weeks’ time (Sun, 30 Jun). Macron is taking a big gamble in calling a general election, with Le Pen clearly ascendant.

  1. Le Pen’s RN : 30 seats
  2. Macron’s ‘Besoin d’Europe’ coalition : 13
  3. ‘Réveiller l'Europe’ (socialist coalition) : 13

President Macron was forced to combine with four other parties plus independents. Even so, Marine Le Pen won over twice as many seats as Macron’s coalition.

“Tonight’s message, including that of dissolution, is also addressed to the leaders of Brussels.

This great victory for patriotic movements is in line with the direction of history, which is seeing throughout the world the return of nations.”

- Marine Le Pen, Leader of Rassemblement National, 10 Jun 2024.

2. GERMANY - Scholz humiliated as he is beaten by right-wing party he wants to ban

Provisional results overnight show the socialist SPD party led by Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Sholz will end up in third place with an embarrassing 14.1% of the vote.

Crucially he has not only been trounced by the right-wing CDU/CSU, but will also have one seat less than the right-wing 'Alternative für Deutschland' (AfD), who came second.

  1. CDU/CSU : 29 seats
  2. AfD : 15 seats
  3. SPD (Sholz) : 14 seats

3. ITALY - The Right solidifies its position

The only major EU country where the PM will be smiling today is Italy, where Georgia Meloni’s right-wing ‘Brothers of Italy’ party saw solid gains.

  1. Brothers of Italy (Meloni) : 24 seats
  2. Democratic Party : 22 seats
  3. Lega Salvini Premier : 8 seats

Photo right: Georgia Meloni, Italy's Prime Minister.

UK comparison - Latest opinion polling in the United Kingdom

Since Nigel Farage became Leader of Reform UK on 03 June 2024, all the polls have shown an upswing in support for his party. At the same time, Rishi Sunak’s gaffe in absenting himself from the major international D-Day celebration in Normandy has resulted in even lower ratings for the Conservatives.


The EU Parliamentary election results will now present a headache for the Brussels liberal ‘elites’. As we have reported many times over the past years, the peoples of EU countries have been shifting their political allegiances. The voting in the last three days confirms a clear and increasing rejection of EU statist con

This change is mostly in response to issues such as the cost of living, the burgeoning immigration crisis, and the costs of Net Zero policies.

France now goes to the polls five days before the United Kingdom

President Macron wasted no time after seeing the results last night. In a bold – some would say ill-advised – move, he has called a snap general election. In effect, his government has fallen. His own presidency is not at stake, but the composition of the French parliament and his government may change considerably.

Marine Le Pen’s ambitious 29 year-old parliamentary leader will lead the fight for the RN, while she looks ahead to the next presidential election in 2027. It does, however, remain to be seen if by then her protégé will throw his own hat into the ring in those presidential elections.

Who does Sir Keir Starmer now have, if he wants to negotiate with in Europe?

If Keir Starmer becomes British Prime Minister on 05 July, he will be facing a very different political landscape in Europe. Firstly, for months the apparatchiks in Brussels will all be focused on deal-making, plotting, squabbling, and in-fighting.

Secondly, given the make-up of the new EU Parliament it is by no means sure they will approve the current EU Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, for a second term. In the first place she must be nominated by the 27 leaders in the EU Council. The leaders are unlikely to do this if they feel she may not win a vote in the EU Parliament. As we commented before, this has never happened and then ‘all bets would be off’.

The EU Commission President is arguably the most powerful person in the EU. Once nominated by the EU Council and approved by the EU Parliament, he or she then nominates her chosen Commissioners from lists supplied by member governments. Each of these Commissioners then needs to be approved in the EU Parliament.

In short, if Sir Keir Starmer becomes British Prime Minister, he may find little interest in Brussels for negotiating with him for the rest of this year.

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[ Sources: EU Parliament ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Mon 10 Jun 2024

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