Sir Keir, this is why your EU are not going to help you with the UK’s illegal migrant crisis

Remember the EU’s ‘Dublin Regulation’ beloved of Rejoiners to repatriate migrants? Seems it’s not going that well…

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Sir Keir, with the EU in a mess like this, Macron will keep helping his illegal migrants to go to the UK

On Saturday the UK’s new Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer announced he was scrapping the Rwanda scheme. The day before, the EU Commission’s statistics office slipped out its latest numbers on migrants being repatriated under the ‘Dublin Regulation’. The data shows the system is completely broken.

This is the system whereby EU member countries can supposedly send back migrants to the last EU country whence they came. Following Brexit, Rejoiners lauded this system and complained that the UK was no longer part of it.

There’s just one small problem : It isn’t working.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Repatriation requests to send illegal migrants back from one EU country to another, 2023

1. The EU as a whole

  • Requests sent to other EU countries to send back illegal migrants : 186,910
  • Numbers actually sent back to other EU countries : 16,869

The EU’s ‘Dublin’ system worked in only 9% of cases

[Source: EU Commission (Eurostat), 05 Jul 2024.]

2. In France’s case it’s even worse

  • French requests sent to other EU countries to send back illegal migrants : 48,724
  • Numbers actually sent back by France to other EU countries : 2,739

France was only able to deport 5.6% of its illegal migrants under the EU’s system

[Source: EU Commission (Eurostat), 05 Jul 2024.]

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This system is supposed to work amongst friendly, EU countries

The Dublin Regulation does not appear to be remotely functional, as we have reported before. Today we have provided the latest figures for last year. This data only relates to sending illegal migrants back within the EU, not to a foreign country such as Rwanda.

Every illegal migrant Macron’s navy escorts to the UK is one less migrant for him to worry about

Every illegal migrant which President Macron’s navy vessels escort across the English Channel is one less migrant for the French government to try (94% unsuccessfully) to send back to the last EU country they came from.

Meanwhile the Rwanda scheme is ‘dead and buried’, Starmer says

“The Rwanda scheme was dead and buried before it started… It’s never been a deterrent.”

For a lawyer this is a very strange statement. How can the Rwanda plan have been a deterrent when – as the new Prime Minister correctly says – it hadn’t even started? This is a complete logical contradiction.


Our report today once again highlights the realities of life in the dysfunctional EU. When the British people voted to leave the European Union, the Remainer-Rejoiners wailed about the supposed loss of so many benefits from membership. One of these was ‘the Dublin Regulation’.

This was simply dream-world politics. None of these people seem to have the remotest idea of what the EU is and how it works – and how it mostly doesn’t. The ‘Dublin Regulation’ hasn’t worked in years.

The Facts4EU.Org team has spent over eight years, seven days-a-week, studying the EU in minute detail. Today we have provided just one more in a long list of examples of how the EU Commission’s claims simply do not stack up when compared to the reality for hundreds of millions of citizens of EU member countries.

It seems that the EU is already looking forward to Keir Starmer and his colleagues ‘aligning more closely’ with EU laws, rules, directives and regulations. We must fight back on a daily basis if we are to have any chance of retaining our independence, sovereignty, democracy and freedoms.

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[ Sources: EU Commission ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Tues 09 Jul 2024

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