Putin rambles for two hours in Tucker Carlson TV interview for ‘X’

Russian President treats viewers to a revisionist 1,000 year history when asked about Ukraine

Interview images: credit: kremlin.ru. Montage © Facts4EU.Org 2024

Facts4EU.Org presents the video and also looks at President Macron’s complicity

On Tuesday (08 Feb 2024) the American journalist Tucker Carlson, formerly of Fox News, conducted a two-hour filmed interview with the Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

Heavily criticised in the western media for doing this, Mr Carlson had to endure extremely lengthy diatribes on highly debatable Russian history from Mr Putin, going back more than 1,000 years.

Many times Putin blamed the EU and NATO – and specifically France and Germany – for creating the conditions for the conflict in Ukraine. He also blamed Ukraine itself for starting the war back in 2014, as well as blaming Boris Johnson for preventing peace talks. Bizarrely he then kept going back to the year 984.

Was this Tucker Carlson’s finest two hours? No

Typically, interviewees of a country’s president or leader are given 5-10 minutes – perhaps up to 30 minutes if it’s a ‘special’. After all, these people have a country to run. In this case the Tucker Carlson interview with President Putin in the Kremlin dragged on for two hours.

We must assume that the Kremlin’s propaganda team laid down some strict criteria with the Carlson team before granting this interview.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Here are some of our best guesses

  • The President must be allowed to ignore questions and talk about something else
  • He should not be interrupted when he rambles on at great length about irrelevancies
  • He must be allowed to rewrite history and not be challenged
  • He must not be questioned when he lies about matters which are in the public domain
  • He cannot be asked about Russia’s appalling human rights record
  • He must not be asked about the total lack of democracy in Russia
  • The subject of the President’s complete control of Russian media must not come up
  • The President’s wealth accumulated during 24 years of power is off limits
  • Likewise his past life as a Colonel in the notorious KGB
  • At no point can he be questioned about the war crimes committed by his forces in Ukraine
  • The interview must not be edited down to make it watchable
  • If Mr Carlson abides by these conditions he will not be locked up without trial on trumped-up charges like other Western journalists and he will be allowed to leave the country

Here is the interview

Tens of millions of people have allegedly watched this film, but quite how many of these were able to sit through the whole thing – as two members of the Facts4EU team forced themselves to do - is debatable. Hard-hitting, riveting and action-packed it is not.

Nevertheless we felt some readers might want to watch it. Here is a man who has been in power in Russia for almost 24 years. Generally leaders who have been in power for longer than 10 years begin to become a little delusional. We leave readers to decide what they think about President Putin.

Click to watch

Tucker Carlson has been panned for doing this, but what about French President Macron?

The EU and particularly the French President Emmanuel Macron have a long history of attempted appeasement of dictators like Putin.

In February 2022 it seems the French President thought he could prevent Russia from invading Ukraine. On his visit to the Kremlin, Putin soon put him in his place, sitting him so far away he must have had to shout to be heard at all.

Two short men, one enormously long table

© Kremlin

Clearly choreographed by the Kremlin, this was not a good look for the French President after he had made a special trip. Naturally the Kremlin used this visit by Macron for their propaganda.

Freed from the EU, the United Kingdom was able to act unilaterally and rapidly against Putin’s Russia. Below is a chart we produced in August 2022, after Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.

© Brexit Facts4EU.Org 2024 - click to enlarge

And it’s no better when Macron and von der Leyen go to China

Desperate for relevance, President Macron made a trip to Beijing to meet the Chinese dictator President Xi-Jinping, along with EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, who is also not shy of photo opportunities.

Anyone who has witnessed President Macron on state occasions – and especially on state visits abroad when inspecting an honour guard – will testify to the Little Napoleonesque manner he adopts. Rising to his full, diminutive height it seems it is all he can do not to put his hand in his tunic, in the style of the former Emperor of France.

(April last year)

© Elysée Palace

Again, the Chinese Communist Party used this visit for propaganda.


We have seen much negative comment in the media about Tucker Carlson doing an interview with Putin.

Carlson is a journalist. Given the possibility of interviewing the man running the pariah state of Russia, what self-respecting journalist would not go for this?

Ironically, the value of the interview was not so much in Putin’s answers, (which were generally off-topic and very long-winded), but in our ability to see the nature of this man, his distorted version of history, and perhaps to get some sense of what he might and might not do next.

We have no doubt that defence analysts from the MoD and the US Dept of Defense have been pouring over this tape in forensic detail since it was published on Thursday.

The EU as a ‘Peace Projekt’

The EU has consistently presented itself as ‘peace projekt’. It is not. Perhaps not deliberately, but it has been indirectly responsible for many actions which have endangered its citizens. It has done so politically, because it has not yet managed to assemble any meaningful military force, even though it has desperately been trying to do so for many years.

In Part III of this short series we will look at all of this and assess the EU’s culpability in the threats we in the United Kingdom face today.

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[ Sources: Tucker Carlson | NATO | MoD | EU Commission | Elysée Palace ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sun 11 Feb 2024

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