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Brexit Facts4EU.Org is widely respected as the most prolific researcher on EU-UK relations in the world
An appeal for more members, from the Brexit Facts4EU.Org team

For the last eight years the Brexit Facts4EU.Org team has been pumping out daily reports based on detailed research from official sources. We started before the EU Referendum in 2016, expecting our work to be over very soon after that vote.

Sadly as we all know, we then faced a backlash from an Establishment which was incensed by the result of the largest democratic vote in British history.

We didn’t vote the way we were supposed to

Enabled by the Rejoiner government of Theresa May and powered by the parliamentary parties of the Conservatives, Labour, the LibDems, Greens, and the SNP, we had to fight tooth and nail to prevent all those anti-democratic MPs and Peers from overturning the will of the British people.

Fearing what might happen, Brexit Facts4EU.Org was the only independence organisation to continue to publish on the day of the Referendum result – and on every day thereafter.

Now we desperately need your support, and here is why we ask you to consider it

In recent months we have been fortunate to have received advice and/or comments on our reports from a wide range of significant and well-known individuals. Below are a selection of these.




Above : Lord David Frost, Nigel Farage, Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Baroness Kate Hoey, former MP Ann Widdecombe, Sir John Redwood MP, David Jones MP, Reform UK Leader Richard Tice, Baroness Catherine Meyer.

  • We have the backing of many senior MPs, Peers, leading academics, top economists, and eminent lawyers
  • We publish more researched facts than any other organisation, and these are trusted by all
  • Our work is original and covers many subjects – readers are often surprised by the next day’s report
  • We influence the mainstream media who pick up our reports, even if they rarely credit us
  • We ‘shift the dial’ and make a difference
  • We act as the ‘facts engine’ for CIBUK – the oldest-established independence organisation in the world
  • We are non-partisan, independent, and unlike the Rejoiner organisations we do not have the backing of a foreign billionaire



Above : Lord Peter Cruddas, former MEP Ben Habib, former MEP Belinda de Lucy, broadcaster Alex Phillips, economist Julian Jessop, top lawyer Barnabas Reynolds.

Last year Brexit Facts4EU.Org was the driving force behind the production of "The Independence Documentary". If you haven't yet watched it you can do so below. Or if you're pressed for time we produced three ‘teasers’ – 30-40 second excerpts from the movie.

Please click below to watch either the full documentary on YouTube or three short clips below.

Please join us today!

This will be a pivotal year for the United Kingdom in an election year. Brexit Facts4EU.Org simply must be around to ensure ordinary people’s views are heard, whatever the outcome. We can’t do this without you. Whatever you can do will be appreciated and you will receive a personal email in response.

You will be joining a friendly community of ordinary people who love their country
and who believe in independence, democracy and freedom.
You can join us here. Thank you.
(We don't sell your details and you can cancel at any time.)

Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Mon 12 Feb 2024

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Since before the EU Referendum, Brexit Facts4EU.Org
has been the most prolific researcher and publisher of Brexit facts in the world.

Supported by MPs, MEPs, & other groups, our work has impact.

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