Brexit Britain is now the 3rd-largest major exporter per capita in the World

UK leapfrogs 3 other countries to gain its best-ever UN world ranking

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Facts4EU.Org summarises yet more great trade news for the post-Brexit United Kingdom

‘UN Trade and Development’ (previously ‘UNCTAD’) has celebrated its 60th anniversary with its latest report on trade in goods and services worldwide. Following the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU it has leapfrogged into being the fourth-largest exporter of goods and services in the world.

When adjusted for the size of population, the United Kingdom jumps a place and is the third-largest major exporter of goods and services per capita in the world. Higher than China and higher than the USA. Quite why the government has not trumpeted this is beyond us.

Considering the threats from the Remain campaign in the 2016 EU Referendum led by the then PM - and now Foreign Secretary - Lord David Cameron - that UK trade would “fall off a cliff” if the British people voted to leave the European Union, this is excellent news for the country and a slap in the face for Lord Cameron.

The Business Secretary Kemi Badenoch, who has been busy working on trade deals around the world, was clearly delighted

“These new figures show how the UK is punching above its weight on trade, and is on track to reach our ambition of exporting a trillion pounds of goods and services a year by 2030.

“The appetite for world-class UK produce continues to grow and this Government will keep supporting our brilliant businesses, helping to create more jobs, pay higher wages and grow the economy.”

- Th Rt Hon Kemi Badenoch MP, 10 Feb 2024

The world’s biggest major exporters by population

The United Nations ranks countries by the total value of their exports of goods and services. On this basis the UK ranks at No,4 in the world.

Facts4EU.Org goes one step further and ranks countries by the value of exports per capita. On this basis the UK ranks No.3, behind Germany and France. As we reported recently France is now the second-largest arms exporter in the world, and as these are high value items it is no surprise that France just pips the UK into third place overall.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Below we show total exports of goods and services per person (adjusted for the population) for the world’s major exporters.

  • Germany : $24,463
  • France : $15,590
  • United Kingdom : $15,041
  • USA : $8,923
  • China : $2,645

[Source: UN Trade and Development, Apr 2024 – latest data for 2022 in US dollars]

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Goods versus services

The Remainer-Rejoiner media always talk about exports of goods and ignore the UK’s strength in services – particularly financial services. The UN report combines both goods and services and shows that the UK exported over $1 trillion in 2022. This figure continues to rise.

For goods alone, the UK is the eighth-largest exporter in the world. We suggest this is not bad for a country which is supposed to have no manufacturing facilities left, according to Rejoiners.

It gets better - Exports taking into account population

When looking at our figures above it should be remembered that the UK is a small country in terms of population. This makes the data even more impressive.

The world No.1, China, has a population 21 times the size of the UK’s, yet its total exports per capita are less than a quarter of the UK’s.


Sometimes we wonder how many more reports of good news such as that above will convince Remainer-Rejoiners they were wrong in 2016.

We suspect that the hardcore rump will never accept this. Despite Covid-19 and despite the massive hike in energy prices, the post-Brexit United Kingdom has plenty to celebrate.

If we had a government with low-tax, small state, and high-growth policies, with a Bank of England and Office for Budget Responsibility which were remotely competent, the United Kingdom would do even better.

We must get reports like this out there

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[ Sources: UN Trade ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sun 14 Apr 2024

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