EXCLUSIVE : EU’s colonial ruler of Northern Ireland flies onto UK soil today

The EU’s unelected Commissioner for N.I., Maroš Šefčovič, will visit his territory

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Facts4EU.Org can reveal this because it’s in his diary, not because one word of the visit appears anywhere else

EXCLUSIVE : The unelected ‘Vice-President of the European Commission for Inter-institutional Relations,’ Maroš Šefčovič, will visit the EU’s colony of Northern Ireland today, according to his official diary accessed by Brexit Facts4EU.Org.

At the time of writing, not one word appears about this on any UK government website, including the ‘NI Direct website’ for Northern Ireland citizens, nor in the mainstream UK media. Nevertheless events such as these are planned in advance and we must assume that this visit is taking place.

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There is no indication of who Šefčovič will see. Will he have meetings with Sinn Fein, with the SDLP, or with anyone from the DUP, UUP, PUP or TUV? Will the Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar be there from the Republic of Ireland?

Importantly, will the UK Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, the Rt Hon Chris Heaton-Harris MP or his minister the Rt Hon Steve Baker MP be there? What is Šefčovič’s agenda and why the secrecy? Naturally if we had an itinerary we would not publish it for security reasons, but the simple fact of his visit to Belfast is on the official record in Brussels, with the people of Northern Ireland being unaware.

This is part of the EU’s illusory “Peace Plus Programme”

As long ago as September 2021 – in fact two years ago tomorrow - Brexit Facts4EU lifted the lid on the EU Commission’s disinformation campaign on one aspect of its interference in a sovereign part of United Kingdom territory. Our work on this was then covered by a national newspaper.

As usual with the EU Commission it has claimed credit for this €1 billion programme, despite the British taxpayer having to fund the majority of it. We have no doubt that Mr Šefčovič will once again claim credit during his visit to Northern Ireland today. Whilst the precise amounts from the EU are shrouded in typical fog, we do at least have the UK Government’s figures, as well as an indication from the EU Commission.

What is the EU ‘Peace Plus Programme’?

Here is how the EU Commission describes it.

“The overall objective of the PEACEPLUS Programme will be to build Peace and Prosperity and ensure that this Programme will leave a lasting and tangible legacy across Northern Ireland and the border counties of Ireland.

“The Programme’s strategy is to continue to take the opportunities and address the needs arising from the peace process in order to boost economic growth and stimulate social and economic regeneration and secondly, to promote social inclusion, particularly for those at the margins of economic and social life”

It’s the UK that is predominantly paying for this, while Šefčovič takes the credit for the EU

Below we outline the costs of this EU propaganda exercise to the UK taxpayer, as well as showing what this money is being spent on.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

1. What the EU is spending the €1.07 billion budget on

  • Theme 1 - Building Peaceful and Thriving Communities : €250m
  • Theme 2 - Delivering Socio-Economic Regeneration and Transformation : €170m
  • Theme 3 - Empowering and investing in our young people : €123m
  • Theme 4 - Healthy and Inclusive Communities : €172m
  • Theme 5 - Supporting a sustainable and connected future coverage : €303m
  • Theme 6 - Building and embedding partnership and collaboration : €52m
  • TOTAL : €1.07 BILLION

2. The UK is paying for 80% of this

The payments for this are as follows.

  • UK : €851.8m (79.6%)
  • EU & RoI : 218.2m

[Sources: UK Government, Northern Ireland Office, and EU Commission.]

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The EU had nothing to do with the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement of 1998. This was negotiated and agreed by the UK and Republic of Ireland governments, with significant involvement from N.I. politicians (especially the late Lord David Trimble and the late John Hume) and under the chairmanship of the late and respected US Senator George Mitchell.

The EU Commission played no substantive part at all. Despite this, the EU Commission has for years attempted to claim credit.

Now we have a €1 billion EU-branded ‘Peace Plus’ Programme, of which 80% is being paid for by the United Kingdom, and an unelected EU Commissioner and Vice-President who flies into Belfast as if he owns it.


What is the UK government and the Northern Ireland Office doing? This is a flagrant breach of UK sovereignty. In addition, the EU’s branding on all the expenditure adds insult to injury and can only be described as gross disinformation. For the Northern Irish people – particularly its young people – to see “Funded by the EU” plaques on projects of this Peace Plus programme is a disgrace.

Even a cursory glance at the six ‘themes’ we have described above shows that the EU Commission is effectively engaged in social and political engineering in the Province, at the British taxpayers’ expense.

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[ Sources: EU Commission | UK government | Northern Ireland Office ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Mon 11 Sept 2023

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