‘Sunak bromance’ – Ex-Goldman Sachs banker gives Ex-Rothschilds banker nearly £½ bn

UK PM Rishi Sunak agrees ‘un beeg bung’ to fund France’s illegal migrants problem

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‘Cher Rishi’ pays ‘mon ami Emmanuel’ €0.54bn to pay for France’s and EU’s responsibilities

Buried by headlines covering the BBC row over an overpaid sports commentator, yesterday the British Prime Minister and his senior ministers visited the Elysée Palace in Paris and agreed an extraordinary deal to part with almost half a billion pounds (€541m euros) of British taxpayers’ money to pay for the French and the EU to do their jobs.

This highly choreographed event was billed as the ‘UK-France Summit 2023’ and included many government ministers from each side. Aside from Rishi Sunak, other Cabinet ministers attending from the UK included Home Secretary Suella Braverman, Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, and Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, amongst many others.

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Brexit Facts4EU summarises the deal, how much it will cost the British taxpayer, and what the UK will ostensibly get for its money.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

The extra costs to the UK of the three year deal between Mr Sunak and Monsieur Macron

  • 2023-2024 : £125.5m
  • 2024-2025 : £170.0m
  • 2025-2026 : £186.0m
  • Total in 3 years: £481.5m

[Source : The Elysee Palace, 10 Mar 2023. Euro amounts converted into sterling at €1=£0.89. ]

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The UK’s Rejoiners and ‘Globalists’ have received over £3m in foreign funding

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How the French government described the deal

The official press release from No.10 yesterday was long on words but short on facts. For example, it did not even mention what the PM has agreed to pay the French each year over the course of this year and the two subsequent years. For this we had to go to the statement released by the Elysée Palace.

Déclaration conjointe – 36ème Sommet franco-britannique

“They agreed to increase the interception rate and drastically reduce the number of crossings each year.

“To achieve this, France and the United Kingdom have adopted a multi-year, joint operational and financing plan. Beyond the important regular French contribution, the British contribution over the next three years will amount to 141 million euros for 2023-2024, 191 million euros for 2024-2025 and 209 million euros for 2025-2026.

“Within the framework of the French and British operational structures, the two countries will strengthen their cooperation at sea in order to save lives and avoid new human tragedies in the Channel.

“To this end, France and the United Kingdom will step up their efforts to tackle the business model of human traffickers, by committing to better prevent crossings. To support these efforts, the UK has agreed to fund the deployment of 500 new operational staff and other human resources to France, and to invest in new infrastructure and surveillance equipment, to enable faster detection of crossing attempts. These British investments will make it possible to put more drones, helicopters and aircraft into circulation, contributing to the action of the French authorities to monitor a wider area of Northern France and prevent more crossings, and to increase the capacities management of irregular migrants, in particular through the creation of a detention centre which will contribute considerably to improving the number of returns and preventing new crossing attempts.”

“France will set up a new ‘zone coordination initiative’ in Lille, under French leadership, to optimize the operational response to migration issues in the Channel by centralizing the coordination of all relevant French operational services with the support of the United Kingdom , in particular by the permanent presence (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) of a British agent on site.

Elysée Palace, 10 Mar 2023

How much are the French contributing?

Whilst the statement yesterday from the Elysée Palace specifies exactly how much the UK Government has agreed to give to France, it fails to specify how much the French Government is contributing to any of the measures outlined.

And according to the Home Office, the number of France's illegal migrants deported back to France totals exactly zero.


The two ex-merchant bankers do a deal

Before entering politics, President Macron was a merchant banker for Rothschild’s. Likewise Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was a merchant banker at Goldman Sachs.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that yesterday’s deal involved a large transfer of money as the solution to the problem of a lack of political will and a history of administrative incompetence.

The UK government has been splurging tens of millions of pounds of taxpayer cash on France each year - for years. Both the British and French governments have emphasised how attempted illegal migrant crossings have been intercepted.

© Elysee Palace

Despite this, in the last five years the number of successful crossings of France’s illegal migrants has soared by 15,000% and the numbers are already increasing further so far this year (2023).

These are the EU’s and France’s illegal migrants

Readers will never hear the BBC, Sky News, or ITN refer to the illegal economic migrants entering the UK from France as “the EU’s and France’s illegal migrants”, yet this is what they are.

They have entered the EU via its dysfunctional and porous external borders and then traveled through many EU countries (through the even more porous internal borders of the EU’s Schengen Zone) and have ended up in northern France.

Genuine asylum seekers would apply for asylum in the first safe country they entered. Most of them do not do this unless forced to do so. If rejected, they then head for the northern French coast before they can be deported.

The very simple fact is that President Macron will not take back any of his illegal migrants because he says an EU-UK deal is required. The EU Commission has not only done nothing about this, it has not been negotiating with the UK government on such a deal because of its desire to punish the British people for Brexit in any way it can.

It’s easy spending other people’s money

Throwing money at the French has not worked for the past four years. The numbers of its illegal migrants departing French shores for the UK have simply escalated to a crisis point.

Judging from our mailbag, if the British Government doesn’t get a serious grip on this problem then they will be in for a pasting at the next general election. Labour will not benefit directly because its policies are seen to be even weaker than the Government’s. What may happen, however, is a large electoral realignment behind an insurgent political party or parties.

If all else fails…

Finally – and in keeping with Facts4EU’s tradition of offering solutions – we have a suggestion. The UK Government could offer to give France our highest-paid sports pundit in return for them sorting out their illegal migrant problem. It would of course be a sacrifice, but we think we could live with that.

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[ Sources: The Elysee Palace | No.10 ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sat 11 Mar 2023

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