Majority of Unionist voters reject Sunak’s ‘sovereignty sell-out’, says poll

This is about United Kingdom sovereignty versus EU imperialism

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Only 16% of DUP voters and only 4% of TUV voters back the PM’s deal with the EU

Question - When the EU's apparatchiks are grinning from ear to ear, is this because :-

  1. The PM's new deal restores sovereignty to the UK, OR
  2. It reinforces the EU's annexation of part of the United Kingdom?

Those who are most at risk from the Prime Minister’s ‘Windsor Framework’ – the UK’s citizens in Northern Ireland – have come out heavily against the sovereignty sell-out, according to the latest polling by the Belfast Telegraph.

Of those who have an opinion, four times more Unionist voters from the DUP and the TUV are firmly set against the Sunak Government’s deal with the EU, compared with those in favour of it. Only pro-EU nationalist voters and voters for the UUP are in favour.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Minimal support for the PM's 'Windsor Framework' from DUP and TUV voters

1. DUP voters

  • No : 73%
  • Yes : 16%
  • Don't know : 11%

2. TUV voters

  • No : 88%
  • Yes : 4%
  • Don't know : 8%

[Source: The Belfast Telegraph, Sat 11 Mar 2023.]

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Excluding don’t knows, over 80% of DUP’s voters reject Sunak’s ‘Windsor Framework’

Only two of the DUP’s Westminster MPs have come out strongly against the PM’s deal, with the DUP’s leader, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, showing signs of being minded to accept it. The latest polling now gives him a major headache.

The DUP is still waiting on an assessment of the Windsor Framework by its special panel before announcing a firm position. Sir Jeffrey Donaldson says this will be completed by the end of this month.

The leader of the Traditional Unionist Voice party, Jim Allister MLA KC, has already come out strongly against the Windsor Framework.

The UK’s Rejoiners and ‘Globalists’ have received over £3m in foreign funding

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What will the DUP’s leadership do now?

Ian Paisley and Sammy Wilson are the only DUP MPs to have been clear in their opposition to the deal.

Meanwhile, the DUP leadership is ‘studying it’. Likewise the ‘Star Chamber’ of legal experts from the ERG group of Conservative MPs is also conducting its evaluation.

The fragile Belfast peace agreement is based on ‘consent’ between communities

With those who are in favour of the Union between Northern Ireland and Great Britain - enshrined in the Acts of Union 1800 - so firmly against agreeing to Mr Sunak’s deal with the EU, it seems difficult to see this as a success.

Instead Mr Sunak’s deal seems destined to be yet another failure on the part of the HMG to stand up to the EU and ensure that the whole of the United Kingdom enjoys the freedoms of Brexit.


Brexit Facts4EU.Org was the first to condemn the proposed arrangement

Within hours of the deal being announced by Rishi Sunak in the House of Commons on Monday 27 February, the Facts4EU team reviewed the EU Commission’s own statements about the Windsor Framework.

We published in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Our evidence clearly showed that the deal would be unacceptable to anyone who believed in the Union and who believed in democracy in the Province, free from foreign interference.

Our report was described by the Leader of the Traditional Unionist Voice party in Northern Ireland as “excellent”.

Political spin must never replace the real world

One of the less edifying spectacles of the Prime Minister’s deal was the number of MPs proclaiming a triumph for Rishi Sunak before they had even read it – or indeed before they had read our assessment of the EU’s interpretation of it. Even the Leader of HM’s Opposition, Sir Keir Starmer, announced that Labour MPs would support the deal.

On 01 March the DUP’s Ian Paisley MP wrote: “the Windsor Framework cannot be supported by unionists as a solution to the Protocol.” This appeared in his foreward to a legal report produced for The Centre for the Union.

We will know in the next couple of weeks if the rest of the DUP are as unequivocal in their condemnation of the Windsor Framework. We predict a fudge. And sovereignty must never be fudged.

Talking of spin…

The members of the Brexit Facts4EU.Org team might be said to know a lot about the EU and Brexit politics. We know considerably less about football.

We hereby agree not to exploit our reputation built on Brexit to engage in punditry about football, if football pundits agree not to exploit their fame built on the BBC’s football coverage (funded by the licence fee-payers) to engage in subjects they know little about.

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[ Sources: Belfast Telegraph | Hansard | EU Commission | DUP | TUV | The Centre for the Union ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sun 12 Mar 2023

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