Latest from EU : “Almost 1 million asylum applicants in 2022”

As illegal Channel crossings rise for the fifth year, EU asylum numbers are soaring

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Brexit Facts4EU.Org analyses the EU’s latest asylum figures, doubling in two years

On Thursday (23 Mar 2023) the EU published its latest figures on asylum applications which showed a dramatic increase once again. According to the EU Commission’s official statistics agency there were:

“Almost 1 million asylum applicants in 2022”

The numbers are rapidly approaching those in 2015/2016, when Angela Merkel (without any permission from the EU) unilaterally opened the EU’s borders to millions of migrants.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

The EU’s soaring asylum numbers

  • EU asylum applications have more than doubled in the last two years to 2022
  • The increases : +52% in the last year, +104% in the last two years
  • First-time applications increased by 64% last year
  • 71% of applicants are male
  • The total number has just exceeded 7.5 million in the last 10 years
  • There are 3.8m Ukrainians on top of this, making 11.3m in total
  • The figures are growing exponentially

[Source: EU Commission official statistics agency, Eurostat, 23 Mar 2023.]

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The numbers are so large, the Commission has no way of disguising them

The increases are now on such a scale that even the EU Commission hasn’t found a way to disguise them. Here is what their official statistics agency said on Thursday :-

Credit: EU Commission 2023 - click to enlarge

“First-time asylum applicants up 64% in 2022”

“Since [2020] the number has risen, with the 2022 figure reaching almost 1 million applicants (962,160). It exceeded the number of applicants in 2021 by more than half (52.1%) and was the highest since 2016.”

“The number of first-time asylum applicants in the EU in 2022 was 881,220… This latest figure for 2022 marks an increase of 343,865 (or 64.0%) first-time applicants across the EU compared with the year before (537 355) and is the highest since the peaks of 2015 and 2016.”

Eurostat, 23 Mar 2023

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Where have they all come from?

The origin of all these migrants may surprise some readers. Almost half (46%) of the first-time asylum applicants in 2022 had Asian citizenship. 22% were from Africa, 17% from non-EU Europe, and 14% were from Central or South America.

In terms of specific countries of origin, the top five are: Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Turkey and Colombia.

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None of these figures include the four million Ukrainians

In 2022, the EU members granted 4,331,200 temporary protection statuses to non-EU citizens fleeing Ukraine due to Russia’s invasion. By the end of the year 3,826,600 remained and were benefiting from temporary protection in the EU.

This takes the total number of asylum and protection applicants to 11,393,935 and 4.8 million of these relate just to last year (2022) alone.


For the sixth year running, the number of illegal migrants entering the UK is breaking records. 100% of these are the EU’s migrants. They have all entered the EU and in most cases have travelled across many (safe) EU countries before reaching the northern French coast.

With the Rishi Sunak government having just caved in to the EU once again over Northern Ireland, giving it de facto permanent EU colony status, it might have been thought that the PM might at least have insisted that the EU take back its illegal migrants as part of the deal.

Sadly it seems this is not the case. The Home Secretary is apparently still negotiating with the foreign court of the ECHR for the right to deport the EU’s migrants to Rwanda, at the UK’s expense.

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[ Sources: EU Commission | UK Home Office ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sun 26 Mar 2023

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