“The EU and Remoaner MPs conspired to overturn the democratic will of the British people - let’s place the blame firmly where it lies”

Some basic facts of Brexit history, summarised by Brexit Facts4EU.Org

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The EU - what did we leave, what have we gained, and what is still to come?

A Facts4EU.Org and CIBUK.Org five-part special report

  1. Part OneWe have just entered the third year of Great Britain’s freedom from the EU empire
  2. Part TwoHow the EU and Remoaner MPs conspired to overturn the democratic will of the British people [THIS REPORT]
  3. Part Three – The Top 10 benefits of Brexit so far
  4. Part Four – The Top 10 benefits of Brexit to come
  5. Part Five – The next 10 benefits of Brexit to come

In this landmark report, we provide the official facts
showing why the UK should never even think of rejoining the EU

The EU Commission made clear their hostility to the UK on Day One

It is evident that the EU acted in bad faith throughout its negotiations with the United Kingdom. Here are just three examples, starting on the first day after the largest democratic vote in British history.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

The EU’s intent was clear from the outset

Here are just three examples of their hostility

“This is not an amicable divorce.”

(This was on the day of the Referendum result, before any discussions of any kind had taken place.)

Former EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, 24 June 2016

“There needs to be a threat, there must be a risk, there must be a price.”

(This was well before Remainer Prime Minister Theresa May had even invoked Article 50, saying the UK was leaving.)

Former French President Francois Hollande, 15 Sept 2016

“We intend to teach people... what leaving the Single Market means”

Chief EU Negotiator Michel Barnier, 2 Sept 2017

It doesn’t come much clearer than that. This set the tone for all future discussions and was followed by a raft of EU diktaks and unreasonable demands, none of which were based on any existing legal obligations.

In the words of the teenager Greta Thunberg, “How dare you?”

Given the animosity shown by President Jean-Claude Juncker to the United Kingdom, we are compelled to say something now.

Juncker was an unelected EU bureaucrat. He was formerly the Prime Minister of the tiniest mainland EU country, Luxembourg, which only owes its status to being, in effect, a tax haven. Only the divided island of Cyprus (part-Turkish) is smaller by land mass.

In terms of population, Luxembourghers are less than 0.5% of the population of the United Kingdom, as half of the people who live there are foreigners. Juncker was PM of a country which would rank way down on the list of cities in the UK. This puts him on a par with a British mayor and by no means a world leader.

Luxembourg's main claim to fame is that it is home to the Court of Justice of the European Union ('the ECJ') which continues to rule over the UK's Withdrawal Agreement with the EU.

Despite all the above, Juncker was treated with courtesy and deference by the appallingly weak UK Remainer Government of Theresa May – far too much in the view of a great many voters.

Just some of the EU’s atrocities in its behaviour towards the UK

There are a great many instances of the EU’s abominable behaviour towards the United Kingdom, after the British people voted to leave its empire. Over the years, long-standing readers will know that Brexit Facts4EU.Org has itemised these in detail, providing documentary evidence. In this summary we can only mention a few.

For example, the EU forbade the UK from speaking to governments around the world about future trading relations. It even forbade the UK from speaking to the individual governments of EU member countries.

The EU has quite evidently never acted ‘in good faith’ and nor has it used its ‘best endeavours’. It has acted like a hostile imperial power.

It consistently attempted to impose unreasonable restrictions on withdrawal and trade talks with the UK. Possibly the most egregious issue which remains is Northern Ireland, which must now be released from the EU and placed firmly back where it belongs – as an integral part of the United Kingdom.

During the trade talks the EU imposed restrictive clauses on the UK which it has not used on any other major country in trade negotiations. These demands are not in any way consistent with the conditions which prevail in any free trade agreement between any other major country in the world.

In short, the EU has acted in a punitive and hostile manner towards the United Kingdom, and the UK is now within its rights under international law to repudiate the Withdrawal Treaty on this basis.

And what of the arch-Remoaner MPs?

It took years, but eventually many of the arch Remoaner-Rejoiner MPs were rejected by the British electorate as soon as voters were given a chance to express their opinion in the voting booth.

Below is a photo of some of the MPs in question, conspiring with a foreign power in order to overturn the EU Referendum result.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Some examples of the behaviour of the EU and their Remainer-Rejoiner friends in the UK Parliament since 2016

  1. Conspiring with extremist and anti-democratic British politicians from minority parties and some of the cabal of anti-Brexit Conservatives – and even with unelected campaigners - who were determined to overturn the legitimate Referendum result.
  2. Doing so while keeping the details secret from the UK Government.

Extreme Remainers meeting EU Chief Negotiator in Brussels, 15 Jan 2018

  1. Failing to observe the principle of ‘good faith’ in its dealings with the United Kingdom (eg the EU Commission’s President saying on 24 June 2016 “This will not be an amicable divorce” – before any talks had even started).
  2. Triggering Article 16 of the N.I. Protocol in January 2020 with no prior consultation with the British or Irish governments.
  3. Failing to protect the Good Friday (Belfast) Agreement by imposing a Protocol which denies the fundamental principle of consent, seriously endangering the peace process.
  4. Removing Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom by negating the Act of Union (as confirmed by the N.I. High Court).
  5. Failing to respect international law and human rights, in not giving citizens or their elected representatives in Northern Ireland a say over laws or taxes imposed on them.
  6. Deliberate and over-excessive application of customs rules for British exporters (eg using ‘the wrong coloured ink’).
  7. Failing to honour the commitment to the UK being part of the Horizon research programme.
  8. Imposing the rule of a foreign court on UK citizens in contravention of all international norms and human rights.
  9. Imposing a ‘divorce bill’ of £43bn on the United Kingdom with no legal justification at all.
  10. Publishing an incessant diet of Pravda-style propaganda against the United Kingdom.


How did we get here?

Let’s place the blame firmly where it lies. The EU and Remoaner MPs conspired to overturn the democratic will of the British people. Since the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU in 2016, Facts4EU.Org has continuously argued that the only solution was a complete exit with trade being conducted on World Trade Organisation rules.

We did so because we understood the mentality of the all-powerful and unelected EU technocrats who were and are determined to punish the United Kingdom for leaving.

If the UK had not had possibly the worst negotiator in the world (and a Remainer to boot) in the form of Theresa May as Prime Minister, a negotiated settlement might have been agreed because the UK is the EU’s second-largest export market after the United States.

The importance of being earnest in rebuttals

Every time the EU came out with one of its statements making wholly inaccurate assertions and claims, senior UK civil servants should have immediately drafted statements for the Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers rebutting them robustly. This simply has not happened, probably because all senior Civil Servants are Remainers.

Does any right-minded reader in the world think it is in any way reasonable for an exit agreement between a country and a wannabe superstate to be adjudicated by the wannabe superstate’s court?

Can our US readers imagine a Mexican court adjudicating on a US-Mexico agreement and imposing massive fines on the US? This is what the UK is dealing with.

This is the nature of the EU beast, red in tooth and claw.

We must get reports like this out there

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However, there’s little point in the Facts4EU.Org team working long hours, seven days-a-week, if we lack the resources to promote them effectively – to the public, to MPs, and to the media. This is where you come in, dear reader.

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[ Sources: EU Commission ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Mon 23 Jan 2023

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