Official: Brexit Britain is doing much better than Rejoiners would have you believe

News just out: Inflation – down. Jobs – up. Earnings – up. GDP - up

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Facts4EU.Org summarises the sunny uplands of the statistics that matter

The last two days have seen a raft of positive national statistics released by the ONS. Given that our state broadcaster prefers to present doom and gloom, Facts4EU.Org felt readers might want to read something more upbeat, based on official facts.

Below we summarise the latest figures on jobs and the economy, just published. Whilst all in the garden may not be rosy, and storm clouds stay menacingly close on the near-horizon, there are plenty of rays of sunshine in the data released.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Inflation, jobs, earnings, GDP - the latest official figures

1. Headline inflation rate falls for third consecutive month

  • UK Oct 2022 : 9.6%
  • UK Nov 2022 : 9.3%
  • UK Dec 2022 : 9.2%
  • EU27 Dec 2022 : 10.4%

[Sources: Office for National Statistics and Eurostat, 18 Jan 2023.]

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2. Payrolled jobs are up by 1.8m in two years

  • Dec 2020 : 28,103,496
  • Dec 2022 : 29,898,203
  • Increase : 1,794,707 (+6.4%)

[Source: Office for National Statistics, 17 Jan 2023.]

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In the last 12 months the increase in payrolled employees was largest in the health and social work sector (a rise of 115,000 employees).

3. Median monthly earnings are up by 14.0% in two years

  • Dec 2020 : £1,925
  • Dec 2022 : £2,194
  • Increase : (+14.0%)

[Source: Office for National Statistics, 17 Jan 2023.]

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Median monthly pay in December 2022 ranged from £1,122 in the accommodation and food service activities sector to £3,623 in finance and insurance.

4. GDP has grown significantly in the two years since Brexit

And finally, as we reported last week, the experts were confounded when the UK’s GDP rose in November when almost all of them expected it to fall.

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It can’t be easy being a Rejoiner these days. They desperately need bad news but the good news for Brexit Britain just keeps on coming.

Our report above shows clearly that by all the key measures, Brexit Britain is on the up. Not nearly as much as it could be if the Government pulled its finger out, true, but on the up nevertheless.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org continues to campaign for a low-tax, high growth, sensibly-regulated post Brexit environment. It’s essential that the 4,000 EU laws imposed on the UK over the years be either ditched completely or amended this year. It’s equally essential that government publicity departments start doing their job. Why should we have to pump out the good news all the time?

Similarly, the BBC needs to wake up and start representing what most people in the country think – not just those in London. We do not expect them to act as a propaganda machine but we do expect them to present a more balanced view for their viewers and readers.

With more support from our readers, Facts4EU.Org will continue to churn out reports such as the one above and we will continue to work with other pro-Brexit organisations to get this information out there. However, we can only do this with your financial help.

We must get reports like this out there

Reports like the one above take far longer to research, write and produce than many people realise. If they were easy, readers would see other organisations also producing these daily.

However, there’s little point in the Facts4EU.Org team working long hours, seven days-a-week, if we lack the resources to promote them effectively – to the public, to MPs, and to the media. This is where you come in, dear reader.

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[ Sources: ONS | Eurostat ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Thurs 19 Jan 2023

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