Here’s why Albanian organised crime is responsible for so many crossing the Channel

EU report reveals Albania is a country where crime and corruption are endemic

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It seems Ministers, senior judges, police, civil servants are all at it

Albania is an official EU candidate country for membership. The EU’s latest report just published on Albania tries to sound upbeat but it paints a grim picture of a country rife with corruption and crime, penetrating from the highest levels of government down to local law enforcement and public procurement.

As the UK struggles to deal with thousands of Albanians being trafficked across the Channel, Facts4EU.Org uncovers and summarises just some of the chilling facts in the EU Commission’s long report on this Balkan country which it intends to bring into the EU’s empire.

EU puts on a brave face but the facts buried in the report are alarming

Last month the EU Commission published a report on Albania running to 134 pages. There are so many worrying findings in it that we can only bring readers a selection of ‘the lowlights’.

Almost every part of Albanian society gets a progress report of no better than ‘moderate’ – and that’s the EU being kind to a country it wishes to subsume into its empire. Below we have extracted just some of the facts and figures.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Some of the indictments of Albania, courtesy of the EU Commission's 2022 report

  • High-ranking state officials, including a former Minister of Interior and a former Prosecutor General, have been charged
  • 64% of 554 vetting decisions on judges and prosecutors have resulted in firings or resignations
  • Very few are being prosecuted
  • The High Justice Inspector processed 4,124 complaints against judges but only started 22 investigations
  • At the Tirana Appeal Court, the average length for a criminal case is 5,820 days
  • The Administrative Court of Appeal has 18,415 cases, of which 9,938 are older than two years
  • The High Court has the highest backlog with over 35,822 cases, of which 27,843 are older than two years (77%)
  • “Despite some progress, corruption remains an area of serious concern… a culture of impunity”
  • “Trafficking in human beings and money laundering remain areas in which additional results are needed”
  • “The phenomenon of child sexual abuse online remains a concern”
  • Property rights : “The sector remains prone to corruption, while the compensation process has stalled”
  • Freedom of expression : “No progress was made”
  • “The intersection of business and political interests continued to hamper media independence”
  • Albanian asylum requests “increased significantly in the summer of 2021”
  • The black economy “remains significant”
  • “A tax and criminal amnesty” went ahead against EU approval, letting off thousands
  • Progress on food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary policy has been “limited”

[Source: EU Commission report on Albania, 2022.]

Albania is still cleaning up its act, 16 years after applying for EU membership

  • Jun 2006: The EU-Albania Stabilisation and Association Agreement is signed
  • Apr 2009: Albania submits its application for EU membership
  • Nov 2010: The European Commission issues a set of 12 key priorities to be fulfilled in view of opening of accession negotiations
  • Dec 2010: EU allows visa-free travel to Schengen area for citizens of Albania
  • Jun 2014: The European Council grants Albania candidate status for EU membership
  • Jul 2022 : Accession negotiations start

Clearly there are well-intentioned people in Albania who are working to clean up the social fabric of the country, where crime and corruption seem to be endemic from the top to the bottom. 16 years after Albania applied for EU membership, however, it seems there is still a very long way to go.

Finally, median earnings per hour – UK versus Albania

In order to bring readers a fair comparison we have used the EU statistics agency’s last figures on median earnings per hour for both countries, which are dated 2018 and are stated in euros. It is the relative figures which are important.

  • Albania : €1.73
  • UK : €15.20


It must be said that we have previously read EU official reports on other countries which it is planning to bring into its empire – and these are no better than Albania’s.

Reading the full 134 pages of the report, it seems odd that the Commission was able to persuade the EU Council leaders to let ‘accession negotiations’ start three months ago – before they had even been able to read the latest report.

Meanwhile, as we showed yesterday, the UK is experiencing a massive surge in the number of Albanian illegal migrants crossing the Channel in small boats. Thanks to the EU having waived the need for visas for Albanians, these people have little to worry about until they get to the northern French coast.

Even then the Channel does not seem to be an obstacle. And when they arrive in the UK there seems almost no chance they will be deported back to Albania, thanks to the ‘human rights’ law of the ECHR.

Finally, and to state the obvious, this report in no way casts any criticism on legal immigrants already in the UK who have come from Albania and who lead peaceful and law-abiding lives.

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[ Sources: EU Commission ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Tues 15 Nov 2022

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