Exclusive: 42% increase in German payments for Putin’s war machine

Germany increases its funding of Putin’s Russia - another £3.2 billion in April

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And yesterday Macron, Scholz and Draghi finally visit Kyiv – 69 days after Boris

In the third month of Putin’s illegal invasion, Germany’s payments to Russia keep rising dramatically.

Within the latest figures released by Germany’s official statistics agency on Monday (13 June 2022), Facts4EU.Org can reveal the extraordinary increase in the monies Germany is sending to Russia each month.

These payments are a key part of President Putin’s ability to pay for his vastly expensive and illegal invasion of Ukraine.

Below we summarise the official data. We then give some context, before adding our observations at the end.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Germany’s purchases from Putin’s Russia

  • March 2022 : Germany paid Russia €2.6 bn euros (approx £2.2 bn GBP)
  • April 2022 : Germany paid Russia €3.7 bn euros (approx £3.2 bn GBP)
  • This is an increase of 41.9% in the third month of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine

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Some key increases in the month of April:

  • Crude oil and gas : +37.8%
  • Coke and refined petroleum products : +94.3%
  • Coal : +334.7%

The EU trailing Brexit Britain again

Yesterday (16 June 2022) the leaders of the EU’s top three economies finally visited Ukraine. President Scholz of Germany, President Macron of France, and Prime Minister Draghi of Italy, made a joint visit to the Ukrainian capital.

Some weeks ago it had been made clear – unofficially – by the Ukrainian President’s office that the German Chancellor was not welcome. In a typical EU fudge a triumvirate visit was then choreographed, which Ukrainian President Zelenskyy could accept yesterday.

The United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, flew to Ukraine on 09 April – a full 69 days before the EU’s top three leaders.

Germany’s dependency on Russia

Germany is the largest economy in the EU – by far. Without Germany, the EU would be bankrupt. It is therefore legitimate to investigate how Germany has been propping up Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.

Without its spending on Russian imports, Germany’s industry and much of the country would grind to a halt. Most of the 42% increase in the money Germany sent to Russia in April was due to the increase in the price of various products such as oil and gas. However, the question must be asked:

How did Germany ever get so reliant
on a totalitarian and pariah state like Russia in the first place?

Let’s start with Merkel

Angela Merkel was German Chancellor for 12 years. Widely popular, her legacy is now slowly being re-examined.

In her time as Chancellor, Germany abandoned its nuclear energy policy and started shutting down its existing plants. At the same time it increased its coal-fired plants. Merkel also vigorously pursued her policy of the building of a second gas pipeline from Russia, against repeated urgings from the UK and Trump’s US not to do so.

In addition, Frau Merkel presided over a government that consistently failed on an annual basis to pay any attention to its obligations to NATO and to the rest of Europe on its defence spending.

Here is Germany’s former Defence Minister under Angela Merkel, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer :

Prior to Merkel

The historical context of Germany’s relationship with Russia is important to understand. The Social Democrat Chancellor Willy Brandt (1969 to 1974) followed a policy of "Ostpolitik" (‘East politics’) which was designed to improve relations with Soviet Russia and Communist Eastern Europe. Brandt's successor, Helmut Schmidt, continued this theme, calling it "change through rapprochement."

This policy was then re-badged as "Wandel durch Handel," or "change through trade." It seems this longstanding policy has finally been abandoned.


The policies over many decades of the EU’s largest and most powerful country – Germany - have clearly shown a monumental misjudgement of the Russian regime’s psyche and intentions.

Despite all the warnings, Germany aligned itself with an increasingly despotic regime and became dependent on it for its energy supplies. It only suspended the opening its latest pipeline from Russia following the latest Russian invasion.

Russia under Putin has shown itself to be embarked on a path to build a new Soviet empire. We have seen this in its actions in various satellite states, then in its illegal annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea peninsular in 2014, and now in its illegal invasion of Ukraine as a whole.

The EU is increasingly promoting (and funding) its “Common Security and Defence Policy”. With its No.1 economy and most powerful member backtracking weekly on its policies of decades, it is fortunate - thanks to Brexit - that the United Kingdom will not be part of that shambles.

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[ Sources: Destatis (German official statistics agency) | Twitter from former German Defence Minister | No.10 ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Fri 17 June 2022

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