Hungary heads for ‘Hexit’ following vote in Budapest parliament

Orban’s Hungary votes to abolish current EU Parliament and end “ever closer union”

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Viktor Orban will now be on a war footing with Ursula von der Leyen

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from our Hungarian team member

In an historic vote in the Hungarian parliament in Budapest yesterday (19 July 2022), MPs passed a motion which almost guarantees an eventual path to ‘Hexit’, if the decisions are carried through.

The anti-EU motion was typically uncompromising in its language and is likely to sour even further the already toxic relations between Budapest and Brussels.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Yesterday's vote in the Hungarian parliament

Amongst other things the motion contained the following:-

  • An end to “ever closer union” in the treaties
  • An end to an elected EU parliament
  • The treaties should explicitly recognise “Europe’s Christian roots and culture”
  • A ban on the EU borrowing any more money
  • A statement that European democracy has been led into a “dead end”

[Source: Hungarian National Assembly, Tues 19 July 2022.]

The Orban family - Credit: Viktor Orban. Click to enlarge

The EU Commission will be apoplectic when they read what Hungarian MPs voted for

The Commission is already taking Hungary to the EU’s ‘Court of Justice’ for numerous alleged breaches of EU laws and values. Hungary’s funds from the EU to offset the damaging effect of the Covid-19 crisis are being withheld by the Commission. There have also been been calls by Brussels to suspend all the usual payments to Budapest in respect of its EU membership.

Whilst the Hungarian National Assembly’s motion does not call for ‘Hexit’ – an exit from the EU – it makes demands which the EU Commission could not possibly accept, as to do so would be tantamount to a complete reversal of the Commission’s ‘projekt’ to unify the 27 countries into one superstate: ‘The United States of Europe’.

The resolution was adopted with 130 votes in favour, 50 against and 7 abstentions.

The unelected Ursula - versus Viktor with the largest democratic mandate in the EU

In all of this the EU Commission and its President Ursula von der Leyen have one small problem.

Not one of the EU Commissioners – not even its President – were elected by a public vote. They were all nominated and appointed.

Conversely, in this year’s Hungarian general election Viktor Orban’s Fidesz party romped home with 54.1% of the public vote.

The size of his victory is something that any UK political party can only dream of.

Right: Hungary's electoral map after the elections this year

To put this into context, Boris Johnson’s Conservatives won the 2019 general election with 43.6% of the vote, giving him a majority of some 80 MPs. If he had won 54.1% of the popular vote like Viktor Orban, then under the UK’s first-past-the-post system the Labour benches in the House of Commons would have been decimated.

Where is Hungary headed?

Hungary joined the EU in 2004 along with Poland and several other east European countries, in the largest single enlargement the EU has ever seen.

Since it joined the European Union, Hungary has increasingly been put on ‘the naughty step’ by the EU Commission. The issues are many and various, including ‘rule of law’, independence of the judiciary, independence of the media, denial to US billionaire George Soros’s pro-immigration organisations to operate in Hungary, and the focus on Christian family rights and values.


The EU Commission's hypocrisy

When Viktor Orban ordered the construction of a border fence in 2015 to keep out illegal migrants, the EU Commission’s condemnations knew no bounds. Subsequently Orban allowed the migrants passage through Hungary to Austria and then on to Germany.

In 2015 thanks to Angela Merkel, the EU took in the highest number of ‘irregular migrants’ ever.

Now the EU is helping to fund the construction of such fences and walls in several EU member countries. How times change.

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Like so many things in life, the actions of the Hungarian government are something of a curate’s egg.

Facts4EU.Org is a staunch advocate of freedom of speech and we have concerns over the Magyar government’s curtailment of media which oppose it. We also strongly oppose Hungary’s stance towards both Russia and China, which can only be described as policies of appeasement and self-interest.

On the other hand, readers may well applaud Orban’s stance on traditional family values. They might also agree that the US billionaire George Soros should not be able to finance ‘open borders’ organisations and universities from within Hungary.

Readers may also be interested to know that on Sunday Hungary welcomed a further 13,078 migrants from Ukraine - in a single day. According to the national police headquarters (ORFK), 6,080 people crossed into Hungary directly from Ukraine on Sunday, while another 6,998 from Ukraine crossed from Romania.

Hungary has been one of the most generous EU countries in letting in Ukrainian refugees escaping the consequences of Putin’s illegal invasion.

Finally, according to the EU Commission, Hungary’s economic growth this year is predicted to be twice the EU average.

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[ Sources: Hungarian Parliament ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Tues 19 July 2022

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