Frexit? Under wannabe French President Barnier’s plans, France would have to

EU’s Vice President yesterday: ‘No ECJ jurisdiction means no Single Market’, which means Frexit

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EU tells UK it can’t break EU rules, Barnier says his France will break EU rules

Yesterday at Queen's University, Belfast, EU Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič delivered a speech about EU-UK-NI relations – and the Northern Ireland Protocol. In his speech – which we will analyse in tomorrow’s edition – Mr Šefčovič talked about how essential it is to have European Court of Justice jurisdiction in order to be part of the EU’s Single Market, and thereby be part of the EU overall.

The EU Vice-President’s speech comes the day after a speech by the man, Michel Barnier, who was responsible for negotiating the Northern Ireland Protocol over a period of three years. In imposing the EU’s dictatorial conditions, he is also responsible for “tearing up the Belfast (Good Friday) Peace Agreement”, according to one of its two principal architects, Lord Trimble.

Facts4EU.Org reported yesterday on the extraordinary statements made on Thursday by Monsieur Barnier in which he now plans to “restore France’s legal sovereignty” over that of the EU’s Court of Justice, if he becomes French President.

Under wannabe French President Barnier’s plans, France would have to Frexit

Yesterday Mr Šefčovič told Northern Ireland, and the UK Government, that they must obey the EU Court (ECJ) or they will be “cutting Northern Ireland off [from] the EU's Single Market”.

Being a member of the Single Market is of course an absolute requirement of being a member of the European Union. In short: No ECJ jurisdiction = No Single Market = No EU membership. Whilst Northern Ireland isn’t technically a member of the EU, (it is supposedly still a member nation of the United Kingdom), France most definitely is an EU member country.

If France under a President Barnier wants to disavow the ECJ’s legal supremacy and ‘restore France’s legal sovereignty’, it can no longer be a member of the EU’s Single Market, which in turn means it cannot be a member of the European Union. As Monsieur Barnier has told the UK countless times, "cherry picking is not possible".

In other words: “Frexit”.

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Other choice snippets from wannabe French President Michel Barnier on Thursday

Germany’s power must be controlled:
"We have to rebuild the French influence. It is necessary to rebalance vis-à-vis the German influence which dominates."

Barnier is suddenly a fan of having a referendum

“We will propose during the first round of the legislative elections the terms of a referendum that will be organized in September next year, with two objectives

Barnier wants to take back French control of free movement

His referendum would ask the French if they want:

“Parliamentary control on the quotas of immigrants each year and finally that of recovering through a constitutional shield our freedom of manoeuvre and interpretation on the subjects related to immigration.”

Barnier says he knows he is boring
“I know I'm so serious that sometimes people find me boring.”

Facts4EU.Org looked at how French MPs responded. According to the French media one said: “He is soporific and does not carry people with him. A colleague said to me: 'You cannot imagine him slapping a cow on the bottom." (A French expression.)


Firstly, Michel Barnier has about as much chance of becoming French President next year as our Editor has of being awarded the French 'Légion d'Honneur' for services to UK-EU relations. (This honour has been bestowed on the former Editor of the FT, the anti-Brexit newspaper of choice in Brussels, as well as to notables such as Bill Gates and his wife Melinda. It was also awarded to the Rt Hon Dominic Grieve MP, former Attorney General, and leader of the cabal of anti-deomcratic MPs in Parliament who did everything possible to overturn the result of the EU Referendum.)

That said, the above report and our report yesterday matter. Here is the architect of misery for all Brexiteers, after the largest democratic mandate in British history, who incessantly repeated the totalitarian mantras of the EU and entertained the anti-democrats of the UK in Brussels on many occasions after the Referendum.

Barnier is the man who was responsible for imposing the most draconian and unreasonable demands on the United Kingdom - demands which no world leaders such as the current US President Biden would ever have accepted for their own countries.

Despite this, Monsieur Barnier is now advocating some of the same policies for his own country that he denied to citizens of the United Kingdom. And he is doing so the year after being forced to step down from his EU role on account of his age.

Is it fair to attack him for this hypocrisy? We believe it is not only fair, but essential in the continuing fight to achieve a free, fully sovereign, and independent United Kingdom.

Yesterday we saw the EU Vice-President at the end of his two-day tour of the EU's colony of Northern Ireland, lecturing the UK once again about peace in Northern Ireland - something he knows very little about. It was his first visit to the province and he clearly needs to spend more time there.

Tomorrow, in our Sunday edition, we will reveal what he said whilst in Northern Ireland and will demolish all the important parts. If you could please support us in this important work and keep what remains of our team together, please read what follows. Thank you.

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[ Sources: EU Commission | French newspapers | Les Républicains ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sat 11 Sep 2021

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