Revealed: Macron threatens UK but the facts show UK’s generosity to France

French have more UK fishing licences than all continental EU countries COMBINED

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France has UK licences for FIVE TIMES the tonnage of UK’s ENTIRE coastal and offshore Navy fleet

President Macron’s French government continues to threaten the UK with blockades and trade sanctions over fishing rights, and is attempting to persuade all other EU countries to join him.

On Wednesday we showed that the UK has granted almost 1,700 licences to EU vessels to fish in British waters - 1,317 of these to the continental EU countries with the balance going to Ireland. A remarkable 738 of these 1,317 UK licences for the continental EU have gone to just one EU country: France, giving it 56%. Facts4EU.Org has continued to analyse the official figures of UK licences granted to French boats, and the results are startling.

In our Sunday edition today we reveal :-

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

The UK's generosity to France

  • France has UK licences for boats with five times the tonnage of the Royal Navy’s coastal & offshore fleet
  • France’s fishing fleet, by tonnage, is bigger than all the Royal Navy’s Destroyers combined
  • It is bigger than all the Royal Navy’s Frigates combined
  • France has been given UK licences which are more than all other continental EU countries combined
  • The French now have almost four times as many UK fishing licences as the Dutch
  • They have over six times as many as the Danish
  • Over eight times as many as the Spanish
  • Over 11 times as many as the Belgians
  • And around 15 times as many as the Germans and Portuguese

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Facts4EU.Org’s continuing detailed analysis of the latest figures released by the Government’s Marine Management Organisation last week has revealed the true extent of the generosity extended by the United Kingdom to the EU – and to France in particular – over the right to fish in UK waters.

Only a tiny fraction of the total of licence applications have not yet been approved. This is because the handful of French vessels involved were unable to give any proof that they had been fishing in UK waters pre-Brexit, despite the Government granting them an extension to do so. Indeed, the Government has been even more generous. Nine months after Brexit, the Marine Management Organisation has said that it will continue to consider applications.


Never try to appease a bully

History tells us, and most people’s everyday experiences support this, that the only way to deal with a bully is to stand up to him or her.

It is now well over five years since the British people voted to leave the European Union and yet it seems that there is no end to the EU’s vindictive and bullying ways towards Brexit Britain. Theresa May’s government unfortunately pursued a policy of appeasement at every level and when you give in to a bully you merely enable him. Events have proved this once again.

The latest storm in a tasse de thé from Monsieur Macron is over the denial of a very small number of licences to French boats to fish in UK waters. There is no question that the UK’s maritime agency has acted efficiently in handing out almost 1,700 licences to EU fishing vessels. If the French are incapable of making correct applications in over nine months, then it is hardly the UK which is responsible.

For President Macron’s government now to be amassing EU-wide support for trade sanctions to be threatened against the United Kingdom over such a trivial matter of French making is not only absurd, it is completely unacceptable and must be rebuffed immediately.

Facts4EU.Org will produce one further report on this subject, revealing the facts behind the EU’s giant ‘super-trawlers’ and ‘factory ships’. Please help us with a donation today so that we can continue to publish essential information like this.

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[ Sources: UK Marine Management Organisation | MoD ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sun 03 Oct 2021

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