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Terrible pay, miserable working conditions, and few thanks from anyone

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For the last six years - since before the EU Referendum - Brexit Facts4EU.Org has been the most prolific researcher and publisher of Brexit-related reports in the World, using official sources for all our analysis. We were the only Brexit organisation to keep publishing on the day of the Referendum result on 24 June 2016 and in the days, weeks, months, and years which followed.

We are well-respected by many Parliamentarians and other Brexit organisations and we have good relations with politicians and organisations around the World.

Our work has formed the basis of a large number of articles in the national press and abroad. Our reports have made the front page on average twice a week in recent months.

Facts4EU.Org’s Brexit Index is the largest of its kind in the World, containing well over 2,500 reports on the UK and its relations with the EU, as well as covering global opportunities and issues around freedom and democracy. These are all packed with real and official facts.

Opportunity for a Brexit dynamo

This is a hands-on position. The role of Managing Editor is not supervisory, it is functional. It involves assessing what news the readership wants to know about, and getting stuck in to the research and the writing. Critically it means delivering punchy reports to our readers several times each week.

Unlike some Remainer organisations we do not have a sugar daddy. No foreign billionaires subsidise our operation. We rely solely on readers’ donations, which means delivering quality output on a regular basis in order to maintain this financial support.

To a large extent this is a labour of love – for our country, for freedom and democracy and sovereignty, and for all the people out there who crave facts and deserve to read what they do not find elsewhere. The money won’t be great (unless you are able to drive up donations) but the job satisfaction will be wonderful.

How to apply

If you are mad enough to want to explore this possibility, please email our Chairman at email address

Please tell him a little about yourself and why you think you might be a good candidate. You don’t have to have had experience in everything as training will be given, but if you can research, write well, and know how to promote great stories via the internet, that would help. A good starting point would be to look at our output and ask yourself if you could have produced any of it.

For the avoidance of doubt, emails saying “I’m interested, please tell me more” will not be considered. Give our Chairman reasons to engage with you, however, and you will get a warm response!


Facts4EU.Org needs you today

We are a 'not for profit' team (we make a loss) and any donation goes towards the actual work, not plush London offices, lunch or taxi expenses, or other luxuries of some organisations.

We badly need more of our thousands of readers to donate. Could this be you, today? Maybe you've been thinking about it, but just haven't got around to doing it? If so, let us reassure you. It's quick and easy and we use two highly secure payment providers. And we do NOT ask you for further donations if you donate once - we just hope that you keep supporting us. Your donation stays anonymous unless you tell us otherwise.

Please don't assume that other people will keep us going - we don't receive enough to survive and we need your help today. Could you help us?

Most of our readers are well-informed and appreciate our fact-based articles, presented in a way you won't see anywhere else. If you value reports like the one above, please help our work with a donation. We have far more to do in researching, publishing, campaigning and lobbying Parliament than we have in terms of the financial resources to fulfil these tasks. We badly need funding to continue - we rely 100% on public donations from readers like you.

If you believe in a fully-free, independent, and sovereign United Kingdom, please make a donation now. It’s quick, secure, and confidential, and you can use one of the links below or you can use our Donations page here. You will receive a personal, friendly ‘thank you’ from a member of our team within 24 hours. Thank you for reading this.

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Since before the EU Referendum, Brexit Facts4EU.Org
has been the most prolific researcher and publisher of Brexit facts in the world.

Supported by MPs, MEPs, & other groups, our work has impact.

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