Poll: “How do British people now feel about buying from the EU27?”

Facts4EU.Org's 'May Poll' – Have the last 5 years of Brexit impacted Britons’ buying habits?

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Two minutes, multiple choice answers - no email or sign-up required - just give your views

Yesterday, Sunday 30 May 2021, over 100,000 people viewed our messaging via social media and on our website, regarding the question of whether there is the start of a ‘Brexit backlash’ against the nature of the EU Commission’s dealings with the UK since the EU Referendum.

Today, Bank Holiday Monday, Facts4EU.Org is asking for your views in the form of a quick poll. Specifically we are looking at buying preferences – food and drink shopping, cars, holidays - and also your general views. This is completely anonymous - no sign-up, name, or email address is required. It takes two minutes and your responses are confidential.

Please think for a moment before you choose options – we want to know what you would actually do in real life, not what your heart tells you. We will publish the results in the next few days.


The answers below generally start with pro-EU options, in an effort to be balanced. If you feel less inclined to buy from the EU, then your options follow the pro-EU options.

You can also forward this survey to friends and family using this link: https://forms.gle/2mZLBXebxa9CK7Xq7


Facts4EU.Org's 'May poll' above will not be rigorous by the standards of the polling companies. We do not have the funding to do face-to-face surveying. Instead we will promote it here and on social media, and to an extent the respondents will be ‘self-selecting’.

That said, we have tried to word the questions and answers as neutrally as possible. To obtain the most useful feedback, we would ask you to forward this survey to as many people as possible, using this link:

Facts4EU.Org will be working with a major newspaper to publish our results to a wider audience.

Yes, 'ordinary people' CAN make a difference

Many people like you, our readers, have expressed their profound concerns about the current state of democracy and the direction where this great country of ours is headed. Brexit Facts4EU.Org continues to work behind the scenes - in addition to what you read on our website and in social media - to pressure the Government and MPs.

It has always been everyday people like you who made it possible for Facts4EU.Org to exist and to provide this service. We present facts-based research that most of the MSM fails to provide, and through that give a voice to a more common-sense approach that is shared and sought by so many people, still not being heard as it often differs from the 'party line' or 'right thing to say'.

Yes, you can do something and we hope you will. Please help us out with a donation today, so we can keep fighting for a free, truly independent, and sovereign United Kingdom and research and publish facts presented in a way you won't see anywhere else.

We do not have corporate funders, which makes our monthly planning more difficult, but it means we are not directed by a confined number of donors. We only take directions from our widespread readership - most of you very well informed - by listening to things you say.

Please support our work to enable us to carry on with our research and publishing, thank you. We badly need your help. You will not be badgered by us for more funds, unlike some organisations! Quick, secure, and confidential donation links are below this article, or you can use our Donations page here.

Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Bank Holiday Monday, 31 May 2021

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